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Business Spotlight: Farmdrop, the ethical grocer

Business Spotlight: Farmdrop, the ethical grocer


Farmdrop’s goal is to ‘simplify the food chain to build a more delicious world’. They work with farmers and other local producers to deliver fresh click-to-harvest food all across London. We asked them to tell us what’s different about their food-delivery service.

What is Farmdrop?

Farmdrop is a grocery delivery service connecting its customers directly with the people making and growing their food. You can think of us as an online farmers’ market for your whole weekly shop.

How does it work?

You can order on Farmdrop’s app or website and choose a next-day free six-hour, or £3 one-hour, delivery slot for your order. Your “Farmdropper” will unload your groceries and take away packaging.

Where does your food come from?

All of our food is sourced locally where possible, and we work with over 150 independent farmers, makers and bakers who sell their produce through our site.

How is using Farmdrop different from ordering from a major supermarket?

Farmdrop sets itself apart from antiquated supermarkets by delivering food direct from producers. Our fresh produce is up to five times fresher than the supermarket equivalent, making it healthier and tastier. We also pay our farmers 75 percent of the retail price, over double what the supermarkets give them for the same produce. We use electric delivery vans to help battle against emissions, and we also adhere to the highest animal welfare standards.

Does it cost more?

On comparable fresh produce, the majority of foods sold by Farmdrop will be the same price, if not cheaper, than what you can get at a supermarket.

For example, Farmdrop is currently selling fresh British strawberries from local farm Chegworth Valley at £2.65 a punnet (300 grams). Ocado are selling the same-sized punnet of strawberries from a local-to-London farm for £2.99.

It’s worth mentioning that many of the products we sell are in a league of their own. For example, the big leaf spinach we sell will be more than five times fresher than what you’d get in the supermarket, and also twice the size. Another good example is our pasture-for-life beef, which is far superior both in terms of nutrition (higher in omega-3, CLA, and vitamins B and E) and taste than the grain-fed options you will get at the supermarket.

What areas do you deliver to?  

We’re currently only in London but we’re expanding to Bristol, Bath and beyond this year, which we’re really excited about. We cover most of the capital and you can use our postcode checker here to see if we’ve reached your area yet: farmdrop.com.

For more information on Farmdrop, please visit: farmdrop.com

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