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Event: Nutrition for Mums with S J Health

Event: Nutrition for Mums with S J Health

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Are you a new mum? Have you been tired since you’ve had your child—even if it was years ago? Whether you just had a baby or you have an older child, you could be suffering from Post Natal Depletion. The condition is real, and often ignored by GPs as just part and parcel of having kids and sleepless nights.

If you’re ready to get your energy levels back, then come to our next event on Monday 6th August at Newbie on the Kings Road in Chelsea. Beginning at 10:30am, the event will feature Chiswick- and Chelsea-based registered Nutritional Therapist, Naturopath and mum-of-two Sara Jackson from S J Health giving an enlightening talk on Post Natal Depletion, which can affect women who had children up to 10 years ago.

While Sara can’t give you your precious sleep back, she is an expert on the stress hormones as well as body systems and functions we can boost to help get us through the first few crucial years of motherhood. Sara will break down the essential nutritional needs, superfoods, tips and tricks including some great recipes you can use to support your health.

Following the talk there will be a Q&A session where you can have your nutrition-related questions answered by Sara.

About Sara

Sara Jackson is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath who embraces a balanced Functional Medicine approach to support her clients’ health from her clinics in Chelsea, Chiswick and Hampstead. SJ Health wellness programmes empower you to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle, giving practical advice, recipes and tips tailored to the life you lead, the food you enjoy, your budget and circumstances. With a proven track record, Sara offers evidence-based nutritional guidance that has transformed the health and life of hundreds of individuals.

Sara supports a wide variety of conditions using complementary medicine with a special interest in female and family health, weight management, cancer support, chronic fatigue and gastrointestinal issues. She offers both the knowledge that comes from multiple qualifications and the understanding gained from her own personal experience with and recovery from cervical cancer.

Space is extremely limited at this event. Please RSVP for your FREE HERE >

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