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Family Theatre Review: The King of Nothing at Little Angel Theatre

Family Theatre Review: The King of Nothing at Little Angel Theatre

London family theatre: The King of Nothing

“I saw a naked puppet!” my 9-year-old son blurts out to his friends, after our recent visit to Little Angel Theatre in Islington. They all collapse in giggles and ask to hear more.

Fortunately, The King of Nothing is much more than exposed felt. Based on the classic tale The Emperor’s New Clothes it teaches what happens when you let vanity and pride get the better of you. The whole town sees your butt crack, for one thing.

The King of Nothing production Photos Little Angel taken on 23rd September 2022

Little Angel Theatre and MONSTRO Productions’ re-telling of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story had children and their adults laughing out loud throughout the 50-minute performance.

It’s a hilarious, engaging show enhanced by the stellar song writing we’ve come to expect at this theatre. Adults will chuckle at the political references sprinkled in that certainly fit modern times.

The performance begins when two scam artists (played brilliantly by Gilbert Taylor and Karina Garnett) enter stage in a way that will delight your kids, and straight away tell us they are up to no good in order to profit. They’ve duped many in the past, but can they pull off their biggest scam yet and convince a king to pay handsomely for nothing?

The real stars of the show are the king’s advisors, who have clearly learned over the years how to manipulate him into believing he looks stylish in whatever they want him to wear. Their quick wits (plum colour is out but aubergine is in!) had us all laughing.

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The kids were amazed when the performers walked down the aisle and interacted with the audience in an unexpected way, although not out of character for quick-handed scam artists.

After a smarmy charming meet and greet they convince the king they are weavers and only really smart stylist people can see the fine luxurious fabric they create. The king’s pride means he ends up wearing an eye-catching birthday suit for his birthday parade.

The show age guidance is 5-11. I would definitely advise attendees to be at least five as there were some kids near us clearly younger than that who squawked and squealed quite a bit while their parents repeatedly tried to get them to sit quietly. My kids are 7 and 9 and LOVED it. There were some kids who looked a bit older, maybe 10ish, near us and they were beaming throughout.

My daughter has just spied me writing this and really wants you to know… “It was soooooooooo funny!”

Little Angel Theatre
14 Dagmar Passage
London N1 2DN

The King of Nothing
Until 20 November 2022
Age guidance 5 – 11


We were invited to attend this performance

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