Discover Royal Beasts at The Tower of London over half-term

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Hear the tale of the polar bear who fished in the Thames, help a wife free her husband from the fearsome prison, discover how ‘Colonel’ Blood was thwarted from stealing the Crown Jewels—all at the Tower of London this half-term.

Exotic Animals

Over the drawbridge and behind the 1,000-year-old castle walls you’ll discover the unexpected tales that never escaped this secure fortress, royal palace and infamous prison. Did you know tigers, alligators, kangaroos and more than 60 other species called the Tower home for 600 years? As part of The Big Draw, you can follow a trail to spot and sketch these creatures, create your own puppet and hear some of their surprising stories at the Animal Tales sessions.

Prison Peril

Download the free ‘Time Explorers’ app before your visit and go on a digital mission at the Tower. Join the Prisoner’s Perilous Plot and help Arbella Stuart free her husband, William, from his prison in the Tower. Can you help him escape without getting caught yourself?

Discover the graffiti left behind by the Tower’s famous prisoners 500 years ago. Find out which ones were kept in luxury and which were banished to the darkest dungeon, and how Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators were treated (hint: not kindly).

Dazzling Jewels

Behind the Tower’s heavily defended walls, see the breathtaking, world famous collection of 23,578 gems in the priceless Crown Jewels, still used in royal ceremonies today. Marvel at the glittering crowns and sceptres and the enormous Cullinan diamond, the largest clear-cut diamond in the world. Learn about Blood’s attempted thievery and how the jewels were nearly lost in a fire.

These activities and more run daily throughout half-term and are included in your family Tower ticket; book online to save.

For more information and tickets visit: www.hrp.org.uk

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