Halloween Safety Tips

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Dressing up as a zombie, scaring the neighbours and gobbling all the candy you can—what kid doesn’t love Halloween? If your little monsters are trick-or-treating this October 31st, here are ten tips to keep the hellraisers healthy and safe.

  1. Eat at home before going out, so kids aren’t tempted to tuck in along the way; this helps prevent both tummy aches and distractions in the dark.
  2. Make sure your child’s treats are safe to eat. Leave candy-cramming for at home after you’ve inspected the haul. Don’t let your children eat anything that’s not commercially wrapped.
  3. Got little ghouls under 3? Beware of choking hazards such as hard candies.
  4. Make sure the fiendish costume fits, so that your child can move easily without trailing bits to trip on.
  5. If your child’s face is covered, make sure she can see well through the eye holes, and widen them if necessary.
  6. Ensure your child’s costume shoes are comfortable; you want his Igor’s lurch to be faked.
  7. Halloween costumes are often black as the night—have children carry a torch to make them more visible to cars and other trick-or-treaters.
  8. Stay on the pavement, and be cautious when crossing. Unsuspecting drivers may be startled by your goblins.
  9. Trick-or-treating in a group is both safer and more fun; make sure your child is accompanied by a trusted adult.
  10. Keep kiddies well away from jack-o’-lanterns and other open flames.


Happy haunting!

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