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Jurassic larks: Where to find dinosaurs in and near London

Jurassic larks: Where to find dinosaurs in and near London

Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

Where to find dinosaurs in and near London

By Elisa Freeling

Updated April 2019

Whether you’ve got wee ones possessed by the seemingly innate obsession with dinosaurs, or older kids who love the Jurassic film franchise, the city offers loads of encounters with the monsters of the Mesozoic. Enjoy our roundup of where to find Dinosaurs in London.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum, South Kensington, West London

Of course we start with the big one: the museum’s dinosaurs include a roaring T rex, a triceratops skull and an oviraptor egg. There’s also Dino Snores, a sleepover for kids 7 to 11, and Dawnosaurs, a free event for children on the autism spectrum.


Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

Crystal Palace dinosaurs, South London

Dating from the 1850s, more than 30 dinosaur statues are dotted around a pond in a corner of Crystal Palace Park. The sculptures are not altogether accurate, but there are informative signs to give you a scientific perspective, and charismatic creatures including Iguanodons and pterodactyls will thrill the little ones.

Horniman Museum, Forest Hill, South London

The Horniman’s collection includes an Iguanodon footprint and ammonite fossils. (Read our review of the Horniman here.)


Dinosaurs and miniature golf, across London

Don’t let the T Rex rattle your hole in one. There are no fewer than four spots inside the M25 where you can play mini golf amongst the beasts of the past: Jurassic Encounter in New Malden, Dinosaur Escape in Northolt, Dinosaur Safari in Arkley and Jurassic Falls in Walthamstow.

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Gullivers Themepark


Gulliver’s Dinosaur and Farm Park, Milton Keynes

Designed for kids from 1 to 6, this park features animatronic dinos roaring and clawing, and you can see their living descendants in the reptile centre.


Dorset Museum


Dorset County Museum, Dorchester, and the Jurassic Coast

True, this is a couple of hours from London, but the Natural History Museum’s beloved Dippy the Diplodocus has begun its UK tour here and is on view until the 7th of May. Combine a trip to see Dippy with fossil-hunting on the Jurassic Coast, a must-visit for any budding palaeontologist.

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