Bring Your Own Baby Comedy: Stand-up gigs with babe in tow

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By Lauren Dowey

Few people need a good laugh more than new mums and dads. Thankfully the funny folks at Bring Your Own Baby Comedy have got you covered.

This is stand-up comedy but not as you know it. Same hilarious comedians, same filthy jokes but with added babies! Soft flooring, pram-friendly venues and a load of other parents with under-ones make BYOB Comedy a riotous day out for new parents.

The baby-friendly comedy club is hosted at various venues around London but Up The Creek in Greenwich is a favourite local haunt of mine.

My husband and I headed there on a sunny Sunday afternoon with our 12-week-old baby feeling the usual mix of completely knackered and ‘what on earth are we doing?’. But the moment we got there and saw countless other sleep deprived parents with their little bundles of joy in tow, we felt right at home.

It’s rare to find an event for new parents that’s actually for the adults, rather than the babies, but BYOB Comedy is certainly that. There were two comedians on the bill alongside an excellent compere, and all three of them had more than their fair share of adult humour to get the audience sniggering.

With a gaggle of babies rolling around the floor and breastfeeding going on in most rows, it was impossible for the comedians to ignore the strange nature of the gig. But they cleverly weaved it into their routines, ridiculing NCT groups, clueless dads and the dreaded over-tiredness as they went.

As with any normal comedy gig, there was cursing and adult humour throughout meaning only babies aged under one can attend – nobody wants toddlers learning naughty knock-knock jokes!

With the bar open, lights dimmed and comedy in full throttle, it’s almost possible to pretend you’re enjoying an actual night out for a few blissful moments… before the baby cries and you hurtle back to reality, of course. But if you fancy a few belly laughs without straying too far from your little one, BYOB Comedy is the place for you.

For more information: byobcomedy.com 

Lauren Dowey

Lauren is a freelance journalist and first-time mum who lives in Greenwich with her husband and baby daughter. Originally from Manchester, Lauren moved down to the Big Smoke 11 years ago and still loves exploring everything our amazing capital city has to offer. The only difference is that nowadays she does it with the bub in tow.

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