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A Healthy Sleep with Naturalmat

A Healthy Sleep with Naturalmat

When you consider how much babies sleep in the first few years of life, the choice for an organic mattress is obvious.  Besides being eco-friendly, organic mattress are hypoallergenic, breathable, chemical free, anti-bacterial, washable and extremely comfortable.  Notting Hill based Naturalmat makes mattresses, which are hand made in Devon adhering to strict organic and free trade regulations.  Currently, their Notting Hill store stocks children’s mattresses, bedding, furniture and clothing.  Their mattress range consists of three types for infants and children and nine options for adults.

Why Choose Organic?
A regular synthetic mattress can contain a cocktail list of chemicals, such as: artificial scents, formaldehyde and fire retardants, which can cause both skin and respiratory irritations. Synthetic mattresses also tend to be coated in plastic, which can be extremely dangerous for babies, making them overheat – a precursor to SIDS and lead to an overall uncomfortable and disruptive sleep.

Naturalmat is the first company in the UK to pass all British Standards, European and USA fire regulations without the use of any chemicals, unnatural treatments or fire retardant additives.  All products are breathable and well ventilated.  This is a great option for asthma and eczema sufferers, where regular mattresses can often exasperate the problem.  Naturalmat use a unique blend of high quality ingredients to make their mattress, such as:

Organic Coir
The entire range contain this amazing product.  Coir originates from coconuts.  All of the coir is organically grown in Sri Lanka.  The coconut husks are soaked for up to six months, the fibres are then recovered from the coconut pulp by a beating process which separates the fibres from the pith of the outer skin of the coconut. The fibres are dried and coated with a natural latex solution to make the coir more supportive and breathable.  Coir has great support and spring properties, is highly durable, is naturally anti-dust mite free and breathable.

Organic Latex
Organic latex foam is a really interesting product. The milky sap from rubber trees is collected every morning and taken along to a marshmallow machine which pumps air into the latex to create a great vat of foamy white froth.  This is then laid out in deep troughs that are put in a large oven to set. The final product is a wonderfully elastic and supportive material,  that has an open structure (lovely and breathable) and is naturally hypoallergenic. Naturalmat is the first producer of certified organic latex.

Mohair is a wonderfully luxurious fibre, which is shorn from Angora goats and is renowned for its lustrous soft fibre. Mohair is flame resistant, durable and resilient.  It’s naturally anti-dust mite and breathable.

Naturalmat’s lamsbwool is sourced from local farms around Devon and Dorset who are certified organic by the Soil Association. The wool is cleaned on the edge of Dartmoor using water from the river Dart. The water is then filtered and cleaned and returned to the river without any environmental impact. The dirt and grime that is washed out of the wool then goes into an anaerobic digester to make organic compost. Naturalmat then make the lambswool anti dust-mite by adding essential oils of lemon eucalyptus and lavender (also certified as organic by the Soil Association).

Travel Mat
Naturalmat also have an award winning travel mat, which can be placed in travel cots to make them cosier for traveling babes.  The quilted mat is filled with breathable lambswool, adding luxury for baby when on the road.

All of Naturalmat’s mattresses are wrapped and finished with soft unbleached cotton and either come in standard sizing or can be made to measure.  For more information on the extensive range of beautiful products Naturalmat have, you can either visit their website or their shop in Notting Hill.  Naturalmat are currently offering 20% off all adult mattresses until the end of April.  Sleep is precious, make it the best possible experience for the whole family!

Store: 99 Talbot Road, London, W11 2AT

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