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Eco Spotlight: Greenfrog Botanic

Eco Spotlight: Greenfrog Botanic

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Nick and Julie Bridger met in Thailand and lived together in India, where they started their young family and small business Greenfrog Botanic six years ago. Now relocated to East Sussex, the pair continue to work toward their mission of producing excellent quality, natural vegan soaps that conserve the planet, protect animals and are affordable. WLM asked them about what makes Greenfrog soaps special.

Tell us a bit about your company.

Greenfrog Botanic is the new brand name of the Greenfrog Soap Company, a small family business based on the south coast in Hove. We have been designing and selling wonderful premium soaps—which both smell beautiful and are excellent for the skin—for a while now. Our name, Greenfrog Botanic, comes from our ecologically green products, while the frog represents a creature that depends on clean, natural water, just like our natural soaps.

SDC10403-2How did Greenfrog Botanic come about?

Whilst living in India with our very young children, Nick and I discovered some magical berries at a busy bazaar. We learnt that they had been used for centuries in the Himalayan Mountains for washing silk, hands and bodies, and for treating sensitive skin. We originally began production in India but as Greenfrog became more popular and stocks started to run low we moved production here in the UK.

What sort of products do you make?

We make hand washes and body washes in two beautiful scents—the uplifting and invigorating Neroli & Lime, and the calming and soothing Geranium & Peppermint. In October we will be releasing a very exotic new scent.

How are they different from other soaps?

They have absolutely no nasty chemicals, so they are very natural products, and are amazing for your skin. Greenfrog are the first in the UK to use the magical organic soapnuts in liquid soaps, combined with moisturising organic aloe vera and a unique combination of essential oils. It is a truly premium product at an affordable price. Our soaps are also environmentally friendly, with 100 percent biodegradable ingredients and no palm oil! We are also registered with the Vegan and Vegetarian Societies.

What benefits are there to using soapnut-based products?

Soapnuts are a wonderful botanical soap, well known for their amazing cleansing and foaming qualities. The saponin, the soap they release, is the same Ph as the human skin, so it respects the balance of the skin and does not cause any dryness, contrary to other soaps which are often too basic. Also, they have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for treating dry or sensitive skin and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. They really are magical!

What are your plans for the future? 

To expand our range of soap scents and develop other body care products, such as face soaps and shampoos. We are also working toward becoming fair-trade certified and, while we use only green energy in our home and office, we’d like to move to low-carbon production as well.

For more information about Greenfrog Botanic, please visit:


*Greenfrog Botanic is available online and locally at As Nature Intended. There is currently 25% off all online orders from their website.

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