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Shop: Boosily, Natural Kids Make-up

Shop: Boosily, Natural Kids Make-up


When it comes to children’s skincare, we’ve come a long way.  We now have multiple lines offering options for every skin condition and detergent to suit even the most sensitive skin.  However children’s play make up (which at some point they all want to play with) still resembles a toxic mess of cheap and nasty.

The result is more in line with a panto than a tea party, plus a cocktail of who-knows-what on their delicate skin and lips.  As part of our green month, we’ve managed to find a natural kids make up line – Boosily – homegrown in the UK, all natural and organic.  Perfect for little girls who want to play with make-up or teenagers who are starting to dabble in the world of glitter.

We recently caught up with Celina Wilson, mum and founder of Boosily.

Tell me a little about yourself…

I left the corporate world five years ago and went out to set up my own business in the natural and organic cosmetic field.  I was inspired by my son Matthew and created a natural and fun range of makeup for little ladies, and called the brand “Boosily”, which means “little kiss” in Persian and as it was my son’s nickname! Since launching in the UK five years ago, Boosily is now sold across Europe, Australia and USA.

A year after starting Boosily, I created and launched a beautiful range of natural mineral cosmetics for mums/ladies called Jardé.

What makes Boosily unique?

We manufacture our natural and organic makeup products with the ingredients that are at the highest quality possible with the full compliance to EU Safety Regulation.  This is a differentiating factor for our products (both children and adults products) as a lot of so called natural makeup products in the market are imported from outside of the UK/Europe, and sometimes “anything goes in”  if they have not had safety assessments to satisfy the EU Cosmetic Safety Regulation.

Another differentiating factor for our range is, they are free from the nasty chemicals that exist in traditional cosmetics, especially in children’s “play makeup set” that are sold in some multi-national retail shops.

Are the products suitable for children with Eczema and other skin conditions?

Our products are free from anything that causes skin irritation which can be found in traditional adults makeup, or even children makeup that are sold in toy shops.  We have many mums that purchase Boosily fun makeup product due to their litter girls Eczema.  However, if the child has sever Eczema or allergies, we would always advice mums to do a “skin patch” on their little girls skin just in case.

What green philosophies do you follow as a business?

We believe in “simplicity” for the kind of ingredients, and the number of ingredients we use for making our products.  Also, unlike some major brands, we do not package our products in fancy boxes or excess packaging, which are normally thrown away after they’ve been opened.  In addition, our packaging are made of bio-degradable material, they are also re-usable and recyclable.

What environment issue would you like to see highlighted?

Excessive packaging means killing more trees, and creating more rubbish for the landfill.  We are a small business and working very hard to do out bit to help the environment, but it’s amazing that large companies offering major brands for both children and adults do not seem to be doing much.  As a consumer, I tend to avoid purchasing products that are wrapped in excessive packaging, or packaged that are made of non-recyclable materials.

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