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Local Spotlight: Ethical Babe

Local Spotlight: Ethical Babe

EthicalBabe is an online retailer based out of Ealing.  Started by mums Emma and Lousie, they share a passion for all things natural and organic.  The site specializes in natural, ethical and fair trade products for babies, children and mums.  Together they have handpicked a great range of products to lead a greener lifestyle.  Ethical Babe has also just launched Ethical Mums coffee mornings – a space for like-minded mums to come together and discuss various topics as well as meet new mums.  The coffee mornings take place in Ealing.

Some of Ethical Babe’s best sellers include nifty black soap by Akamuti – great for ezcema and dry skin – who doesn’t seem to have either lately?   Bio-degradable nappies from Beaming Baby Nappies make a bum job more pleasant and if you can’t decide their start up gift sets are a popular choice for new parents.

For more information on Ethical Babe and Ethical Mums coffee mornings, please visit:

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