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WLM’s Top 20 Portrait Photographers: Rosie Bray

WLM’s Top 20 Portrait Photographers: Rosie Bray

Rosie Bray takes fresh, natural images of children, families, babies and bumps.  Instead of sterile white studio shots she goes to people’s homes and capture families as they really are. She’s particularly drawn to taking images of children at play. “I love kids’ sense of wonder and complete absorption whether they’re playing with their favourite toys or jumping in puddles in the park. I get right down on their level and join in so I can deliver really beautiful, playful images that freeze time and celebrate all those wonderful childhood moments. I especially love kids’ parties for the chaos, fun and abundance of brilliant moments of children engrossed in play.”

How long have you been a photographer?
Since I was a teenager I’ve loved taking pictures but I got seriously obsessed with photography a few years ago when I bought my first DSLR. I found I had a talent and a passion for it so I decided to go professional. I was taking photographs of families and children alongside my previous job as a TV producer and then early this year I launched Rosie Bray Photography full time.

What got you into photography?
I’ve always loved the way photography can capture moments and emotions and make time stand still. We change and grow so fast and it’s scary how easily we forget, so I love the way photographs provide you with authentic memories. I also strongly believe that photography and photographs are really important. I’m quite sentimental and I’ve always treasured our family photographs and I think creating beautiful memories and heirlooms is an important and wonderful thing.

Which photographer do you look up to and why?
I love Eve Arnold, Jane Bown and Sally Mann but more recently I am really inspired by some female American lifestyle photographers, whose work really seems to reflect their personalities. I love Tara Whitney for her authenticity and fun, Anna Kuperberg for her witty, quirky compositions and Deb Schwedhelm for the soulful beauty she gives to her images.

What do you prefer – film or digital?
I loved my film camera as a teenager but as soon as things went digital I embraced the speed and versatility it offered. I really respect the discipline of film though and can see how it makes you a better, more thoughtful photographer. I am very excited as my dad has just given me my grandpa’s old Chinon film camera to experiment with so we’ll see what happens!

What should your customers expect during a session?
After finding out exactly what they would like from the session, I usually meet clients at their home and we take the family shots and any other must-haves and then we just have a play. If the weather is good we’ll also go outside as it’s always lovely to capture children interacting with nature. I live opposite Kew Gardens and that can often provide a perfect backdrop.

Do you have any tips for capturing the perfect picture?
My favourite photographs are always those that capture great moments. I think you can sometimes anticipate moments so it’s important to have the camera ready and your exposure set. The main thing for me is that the parents and kids are relaxed and having fun.  A photo session should be about having a good experience as well as about beautiful pictures and if everyone is enjoying themselves, then magical images will come.

For more info on Rosie, please visit:

www.rosiebray.com | rosie@rosiebray.com | 07867 800351

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