Alexa Kidd-May is a London-based photographer who specialises in creating natural, ‘day in the life’ images of children and families. Here she talks about her work—and gives her advice for a successful family photoshoot that will result in gorgeous pictures you’ll treasure.

Tell us about yourself.

I live in South West London with my husband, two children and dog. I love to photograph (obviously), go for long walks by the river, play board games, watch box sets and I’m constantly making to-do lists, which never, ever get finished!

What inspired you to get into photography?

I’ve always been obsessed with photography—even as a child I would spend hours gazing at any photo albums I could get my hands on. It seemed magical to me that I could see my parents as they were, way before I was on the scene. Just before my children arrived I decided to turn my hobby into my profession and studied photography for two years. Since then I have photographed many weddings, babies and families but now it’s all about families.

What’s your style of photography—studio/natural light?

I like to keep things as relaxed as possible, using natural light and keeping posing to a minimum. I like to tell the story of a family’s life—so it’s less about how everyone looks but more about how they really are and how they interact together. My goal is to capture the essence of family life. By keeping the photography session relaxed, I’m able to capture a set of natural, timeless images that you will enjoy sharing for generations to come. You can take a look at some of my work at here.

What can people expect from a session with you?

My sessions last anywhere between 1 and 8 hours and all include some digital images. Whichever package you choose, the session will be relaxed with the emphasis on having fun rather than posing for the camera. For the longer sessions, I tend to start early in the morning, so by the time we’re ready to go, you won’t even notice the camera is there.

What advice would you give to clients before a session?

 Here are my top tips for family photography:

  1. Choosing a photographer to work with your family is an investment. Take a look at their style but also get an idea of what they are like with your family. Chemistry is everything—especially when you’re working with children.
  2. Before a session it’s great if your children are well fed and slept (which is why I love to start my sessions as early as possible.)
  3. It’s good to bring snacks for everyone for an energy boost and some activities—bubbles, football, kites—anything that takes the emphasis away from the camera and more on having fun.
  4. Most of all—don’t worry and enjoy the day! By choosing a ‘day in the life’ style of photography you don’t have to stress if the kids have an ‘off moment’.

For more about Alexa’s photography, visit her website.

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