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Yoga Mama launches first Prenatal App

Yoga Mama launches first Prenatal App

Throughout my pregnancy I kept up my yoga practice- not only was it a good way to relax, stay strong and flexible – it was also great at prepping for the all important breathing awareness.  Our resident yogini Cherie Lathey of Yoga Mama has created the first prenatal Yoga App.  There really is an APP for everything now. So if you can’t make it to a class – no worries, just follow the simple guide and still reap the benefits.

The app is divided into twelve easy-to-follow chapters, with videos covering a wide spectrum of topics relating to prenatal yoga.  The subjects touched upon include: poses (breathing, seated and kneeling), standing sequences, open twists, relaxation, pelvic floor exercises, as well as common ailments that may be experienced during pregnancy such as lower back pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and many others.

Here is a sample of the APP:

To purchase the APP from the Apple store click HERE

For more information on Yoga Mama, please visit:


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