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Blue{Shift} Coding

Equip your kids for the future: Creative coding camps with blue{shift}

Last month a Guardian article asked the question: “Has technology evolved beyond our control?” We live in a world where social media influences elections, our fridges are linked to our Google calendars, wearable technology makes it possible to track every heartbeat and step taken, and even when sleeping we are encouraged to track our activity (or lack of it!).

It’s undeniable that technology is a fundamental part of our lives, and that means it will also be a fundamental part of your child’s life. But how do we ensure that the technology we use is in our control? And how do we ensure that our children are aware of the potential that technology holds?

Next-gen jobs 

The real underlying issue here is the lack of understanding we have. A Royal Society survey has shown that only 11 percent of students study Computing at GCSE level. With so much technology available, why do so few children feel the need to understand the basic concepts behind their favourite apps and toys?

On top of that, with technology playing such an important part in our lives, it is highly likely that the best-paid and most sought-after jobs in the future will be in the tech industry. It is said that 60 percent of the careers in 20 years don’t exist yet—because the technology has yet to be invented.

Blue{Shift} Coding

 Programming for tomorrow 

It is clear from this that computer science should be a fundamental part of a child’s education, yet many students leave school with no programming knowledge whatsoever. However, there are companies trying to change this. Blue{shift} education offers creative coding courses for boys and girls aged 5 to 14 in a range of tech areas. Based in the Notting Hill and Kensington area, they run weeklong summer camps where activities include building and programming robots, 3D printing jewellery and models, and creating virtual reality games.

Creative computing 

Although developing an understanding of basic programming, online safety and learning new programming languages such as Python and JavaScript are an important part of the camps at blue{shift}, there is a heavy emphasis on creativity and fun. The younger coders paint pictures, create stories, and even build their own Lego robots. Slightly older coders will design their own games, learn video production techniques, and create complex digital art. If your child is Minecraft mad, blue{shift} offer a course specifically for developing skills in programming while learning to make their own personalised Minecraft mods! Blue{shift} also ensure that screen time is managed, with outdoor lunchtime play every day being a strictly no-screen zone.

Blue{shift} believe that teaching kids computer science skills from an early age will not only give them advantages later in life but also encourage abstract thinking, problem-solving skills and general creativity. Blue{shift} camps are a great way to equip your child with the tools and skills they will need for a future of technological advancement, while also having a great time!

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