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Review: Shoe Therapy Ballet Flats

Review: Shoe Therapy Ballet Flats

ShoeTherapyWhen it comes to shoes, style and comfort are rarely bedfellows, and the quintessential mummy staple of ballet flats are sadly no exception. Cute and easy to slip on, ballets rarely provide much in the way of support. So when I heard about Shoe Therapy I knew we had to check them out—they claim to offer not only support but also myriad other benefits, all while looking great.

Walk this way

French orthopedist doctor Jean Douhaire and fashion stylist Cécile Reinaud combined their areas of expertise to create a shoe that’s not only stylish but also comfortable and therapeutic. The collection offers all the benefits of supportive shoes: a cushioned and slightly raised heel which helps with body posture, ergonomic design to keep the foot in place, anti-slip to reduce foot strain and flexibility to move easily with your foot.

Because of the design, the makers claim, the shoes will reduce neck and back pain, reduce stress to the knees and minimise the feeling of heavy legs. All this and fashionable-looking too.

The verdict

Being a devout ballet flat wearer, I have spent years walking around in shoes that offer little support. Even short distances in my regular flats were starting to cause discomfort and I found I had to start wearing insoles to add some cushioning. With Shoe Therapy, I am happy to find some ballet shoes that actually offer proper support—the slight heel has made a huge difference. My mum, who has heel spurs, bought a pair as well, and she is thrilled that she can wear these shoes without pain.

The range comes in different colours and patterns, including leather or suede, studs or bows, and are right on trend with this season’s new shape of flats. They retail from £65 to £89.

Oh, and did I mention they also claim to reduce cellulite, improve circulation and tone your legs?

For more info, visit Shoe Therapy.

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