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Packing Perils Sorted

Packing Perils Sorted

by Vicky Silverthorn

You need a Vicky

I’m so excited about going on holiday in a few weeks with the girls I went to school with—nine of us in total are going! Sharing rooms means staying organised and most definitely only taking what is essential to our five-day trip.

I will be packing light with absolutely no concerns about not taking enough with me. You can get hold of anything you forget when you’re away and there is very little that you actually need. After an unbelievably busy year so far, the most important items in my case will be a good book, a bikini and lots of sun cream—anything else that fits in my case is a bonus!

Packing tips

* Pack in outfits for the number of days you are going—lay everything out on your neatly made bed so you have a good view of it all.

* Don’t take the extra “just in case” clothes items—there is absolutely no need. Everyone I spoke to said they have at least a third of their clothes untouched in their cases at the end of a holiday and never enough room to bring back any purchases.


* Take toiletries with screw tops. They are much less likely to leak.

* Consider where you’re going and what you’re doing: does your casual beach holiday really require five pairs of heels?

* Don’t double up on electrical items—ask your roomies what they are taking.

* Declutter as you go. If you come across an item that hasn’t made the cut the last five trips then consider passing it on. There is a reason you’re not taking it!

* Decant big bottles of shampoo, conditioners and the like into smaller bottles if you do need to save space. These soft-feel Humangear Go Toobs are great and available from Amazon for about £20.


Global Colour-Pop Washbag


* Washbags are much easier to pack when they are cube shaped. I love this washbag from Anthropologie. Leave a rectangular space in your suitcase and pack it at the last minute: Global Colour-Pop Washbag, currently on sale for £19.95.

* This multi-use bag from Screen Face is also ideal and available in three different sizes, ranging in price from £15 to £20. I’ve seen these used for years by professional make-up artists; they are long lasting and contents are easily visible.



About the Author:
Vicky Silverthorn is an expert de-clutterer and founder of youneedavicky.com.  As a celebrity PA for 10 years, Vicky knows the importance of an organized home.  Book a session today and get sorted!

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