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Mum in the Hood: Tiziana Murgo from Stoke Newington

Mum in the Hood: Tiziana Murgo from Stoke Newington


Each month we feature a local mum who tells us why she loves her London hood. This time we talk to Tiziana Murgo, a mum-of-two in Stoke Newington. She gives us the inside scoop on the best bits of her corner of the capital.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Tiziana, and I am a 41-year-old mum of two. I work part-time as a finance manager and I am grateful and happy I can shuffle my daily routine between work and family.

Which area do you live in, and what do you love about it?

I live with my family in Stoke Newington (N16) and the best things about it are the village atmosphere, the fact that you can walk pretty much everywhere, the nice little independent shops and the variety of things to do for all ages.

Where do you like to hang out as a family?

As a family with two little kids we spend a great amount of time in the parks. We are very lucky to have one of the most beautiful parks in London close to home, Clissold Park, but we are also big fans of adventure playgrounds like Shakespeare Walk. Gardens like Allens Gardens or Dalston Eastern Curve Garden are little hidden gems too. If the weather doesn’t allow spending too much time outdoors, we then choose eateries or pubs with outside space or that are large enough for the kids to play. Libraries are also great places to hang out.

 What are your favourite family-friendly eateries?

The Green Room is definitely one of our favourites. Yummy Yummy in my Tummy has got a children’s menu that the kids love. Clapton Hart is also a family-friendly pub, good beer and good music.

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What local activities do you and your family take part in?

Both my husband and I like to exercise in the park or at Yoga on the Lane. My older son is now big enough to play in the local football team, and he’s part of a gymnastics club on weekends at The Cube. After-school clubs for both of them are also arranged at Outside the Box, where they do arts, maths or philosophy.

Where’s your favourite place to escape in your area for a little me time?

The best winter place for some me time is the Clapton Hart for their comfortable armchairs and sofas; in summer the Curve Garden is definitely the best. If I’m in the shopping mood I head to Stoke Newington High Street for browsing charity shops, or Dalston Library for some brainstorming inspiration.

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Where’s the best place for date night, or mums’ night out?

I’d recommend Uchi for a date night (for delicate Japanese cuisine) and Escocesa for adults-only night out.

Would you like to share your local area highlights? Drop us a line, we’d love to hear about it!

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