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Mum in the Hood: Jemma Thomas, Carshalton, Surrey

Mum in the Hood: Jemma Thomas, Carshalton, Surrey

In our Mum in the Hood series we speak with mums around the greater London area to find out what they love about where they live. This week we spoke with Jemma Thomas, a personal trainer who helps hundreds of women get in shape through her Jemma’s Health Hub programme, which allows busy mums the chance to have their own live fitness sessions without leaving the house.

Tell us a little about yourself…

I’m Jemma Thomas, mum of two boys; Jude and Buddy. I’m a personal trainer and I own an online fitness business called Jemma’s Health Hub. ‘The Hub’ is my online fitness group with hundreds of women, who all workout five times a week with me from the comfort of their own home. They are an amazing support too on our group Facebook page, encouraging each other, making each other accountable, welcoming and helping the newbies, and often sharing ‘sweaty selfies’ after they’ve finished the videos.

On specific days we focus on different things, arms, legs, cardio, kettlebells and yoga. All you need is a Facebook profile and you can join me live each morning at 6.30am, or catch up with your favourite session whenever you like.

I started the group because I was being asked about online training a lot and thought I would bring everyone together for a kind of LIVE workout experience so you know you’re not by yourself or just doing a YouTube video you’ve done before. All The Hub workouts are different so no one gets bored. It’s grown month on month; seeing more women coming into The Hub and enjoying exercising makes me feel so happy!

Which area do you live in, and what do you love about it?

I live in Carshalton in Surrey. I love that we’re just in-between city and countryside – go to East Croydon station and in 15 minutes you’re in Central London, or drive 20 minutes the other way and you can be in the middle of beautiful woods. Oh and Brighton is about 50 minute drive away too. Lots of different options.


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Where do you like to hang out with your kids?

We actually just hang at the park mostly, like Beddington Park, which is huge and beautiful with a big stream running through it and a newly refurbished playground. Woodcote Green garden centre is a favourite of Buddy’s, they have a cute play park and sand pit just outside their cafe, so you can have a little coffee outside and watch them playing.


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What are your favourite local family-friendly eateries?

I like to go to Fego’s in Banstead for a breakfast if I feel like a nice treat, they do a lovely variety, and nice kids’ brekkie too. Also The Breakfast Club in Box Park Croydon is very near us which does amazing pancakes (can you tell I like breakfast?!)

What local activities do you and your family take part in?

My eldest goes to football on a Saturday at Carshalton Football Club which is good because it’s not a ‘course’ you have to pay upfront for, you can drop in and out. There are lots of age groups, abilities, and it’s set in the teams grounds which is fun for them.

Jude and Buddy love building camps so when we can, we go to Sutton Ecology Centre where there’s a great nature and insect trail and lots of wood that is perfect for camp building, or adding to camp that’s normally already half built by someone else, haha!


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Where’s your favourite place to escape in your area for a little solo time?

If I ever get spare time… I like to go and sit by the ponds in Carshalton with a coffee and just watch the birds, there are a few massive herons that just stand in the pond which I think is cool. It’s not often I get to do that though! My favourite local coffee spot is The Ginger Frog in Wallington High Street.

Where’s the best place for a night out with friends or a date night?

For drinks we might go into Croydon to The Store which is housed the an old Sainbury’s store. They have kept all the original tiles, it’s beautiful. They do really nice food too actually, so it’s an all rounder.



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What’s the best hidden gem in your area?

I’m not sure it’s very hidden but I’d say the Sutton Ecology Centre, it’s not massive, but it’s fun and really focussed on educating children about nature.

To find out more about Jemma and The Hub check out her website and follow her on Instagram and Facebook 

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