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London’s Top Mummy Bloggers 2017: 1-5

London’s Top Mummy Bloggers 2017: 1-5

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You nominated dozens of mum bloggers in our search for London’s Best Mummy Blogger—women who inspire you, or at least inspire giggles, as they share the good, the bad and the poopy. We asked the mums to tell us a bit about themselves and their blogs. Here we present the first five nominees:

Nicola Rae-Wickham, A Life More Inspired

I’m a mum to a beautiful 3-year-old and I’m the founder of A Life More Inspired. It is my mission to help busy women reconnect with themselves in order to experience everyday joy and go from dreaming to doing in whatever that means to them. Through community, coaching and merchandise, I am all about taking the small steps that lead to the big life changes.

Lorna Hayward, The Mumblings

I was born in Kent, raised in Oxfordshire, and I now reside in South West London with my husband, Jamie, and two little ladies: Elsie, 3½ years old, and Marnie, 19 months.

I started The Mumblings in October 2016. Through my blog, I have been able to express myself, share my calamities and personal experiences of what, for me, it’s really like to be a mother—oh, and I’ve sworn a shitload. Sorry.

The Mumblings are my innermost ramblings. Honest, and truthful. There’s no fluff, occasionally a few tears, but mostly—at least I hope so—a LOT of bloody laughs. Sorry, I swore again.


Elaine Farrell, Boss like a mum

I’m a Northern girl in London, combining self-employment with life as a mummy to an energetic toddler boy. On Boss Like a Mum I write about the daily juggle, mumguilt, co-parenting and the chaos that accompanies the joys of parenthood.


Dina Maktabi and Nathalie Bernadotte, Kensington Mums

Kensington Mums’ award-winning website connects mums in the journey through motherhood. Dina Maktabi and Nathalie Bernadotte are an unstoppable duo who organise events and meetups to connect like-minded mums. Their website and app is a vital source of information for families in and around London.


 Christina Pickworth, This Mama Does

Screenwriting, agenting, parenting, vomit-catching. Sometimes all at once. My blog celebrates the experiences of other mamas as well as being my homage to life after motherhood, as I try to figure out how to be a (not pants) Mama to the Little Man (3) and the Little Miss (1), while still doing all the other stuff. I also make This Mama Does cards—parenting milestone cards—because I had too much free time before.


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