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Our friends at London Mothers’ Club are holding a highly informative Ask the Expert session on healthcare for your family, Friday 5th December at The Broadway in Fulham, from 2 to 4pm. Little ones are welcome and Hello Mums will be on hand to help out with babysitting so you can get as much out of the afternoon as possible.

The Doctors Care Anywhere team will be coming along to answer all your family healthcare questions and to provide you with information on issues such as immunisations (including those not available on the NHS), allergies and skin ailments in early childhood, and travel health.

We also have a special session from The Parent Company who will be talking about how to assess illness and injury in children. Have you ever had a sick child at home and not been sure whether their symptoms were a sign of a typical childhood illness or something more serious? Annie Benning, an NHS paediatric nurse from The Parent Company team, will help to answer questions and empower you with the skills to assess any situation. She will cover areas such as breathing difficulties, meningitis and convulsions, and will help you determine when professional help is needed and when the problem can be managed at home.

Our Ask the Expert afternoon will run from 2 to 4pm at The Broadway in Fulham. Tickets for the event are £10 and may be purchased from London Mothers’ Club’s website.

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