We all find the regular trip to our local supermarket a chore, right? Kids in tow, the parking, endless aisles and to cap it all there are the queues and packing to look forward to, assuming the kids haven’t driven us crazy before then. Even if you do it online, you have to wait at least a day before you can get a delivery slot and even that’s pushing it. There must be an easier way!

Well, how about this—there is a new service in town and it could be the best thing to happen to you this year. They are called Bringit and their tagline says it all: “You want it, we bring it”. It’s a really cool mobile app for your iPhone or iPad (Android is available soon) that lets you order groceries or takeaway from the best supermarkets and restaurants and have them delivered to you in less than an hour—often in minutes!


How it works is simple. When you place an order, Bringit acknowledge they have received it and give you a ‘Bringer’. This is like your own personal assistant who travels to the venue, buys your food (for groceries they have specialist shoppers) and then brings it to your house. You are given their name, phone number and even a picture, so you know whom to expect and can even call them if you want to add anything to your order. One addictive feature on the app is the live map where you can track your Bringer throughout your order.

What makes Bringit so cool is just how easy and flexible the app is. You can put together a big basket of groceries in a matter of minutes because the product images are great, the search option is brilliant and everything is arranged so logically. The really clever thing is when you get to checkout they ask how you want them to deal with out-of-stock items because, let’s face it, the supermarkets never have everything you want. You can even request that the Bringer call you from the supermarket so you can suggest a different product. If having your order ASAP is not good for you they let you schedule a time—so if you are super organised you can order your breakfast the night before and have it delivered for when you get to work, or order your groceries in the morning for delivery later that day.


The costs are reasonable too. You pay a delivery fee based on distance and a service fee, which is a percentage of your overall spend. For sheer convenience and the time you save it’s a no-brainer. Better still, Bringit are offering all MotherHood readers £10 off their first order. Just put the code MH10 in the ‘Notes’ box on the checkout page of the app and they will refund you £10 after you have paid for your order.

For more information please visit: bringit.me

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