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Ice cream, you scream: Bella del Gelato, East Sheen

Ice cream, you scream: Bella del Gelato, East Sheen


Gelato in East Sheen

About a year ago, my three-year-old went through a phase of asking for blue ice cream. She wanted it so much that if ever we treated her to a dessert, she always seemed mildly disappointed when it turned out to be yellow, brown, or even pink. Don’t get me wrong, s

he was never quite disappointed enough not to eat it, but even still her persistence for blue ice cream continued. Then, one day last winter, as we were walking along the Upper Richmond Road in East Sheen, we noticed a new ice cream parlour called Bella del Gelato. There through the window, amid a rainbow of other colours, was the vibrant blue ice cream that Tabitha had been dreaming of. Of course we had to go in, despite it being a miserable day, and Tabitha devoured every inch of her blue-vanilla flavoured cone.

Needless to say, we’ve been back quite a few times since, especially during the summer, and even though we are now creeping back into the colder months, I’ve no doubt it will continue to be a weekend pit stop for us. After all, it’s never too cold for ice cream, right? Tabitha’s new favourite is Belgian chocolate covered in sprinkles, which I think is probably the most sugar-laden choice she could go for! Other flavours include mint chocolate, cherry, pistachio, cookies and cream, banana, plus a range of refreshing sorbets such as vivid green apple and passion fruit. All the deliciously thick whipped ice cream is made right there on site, as are the cones (which can be plain or chocolate dipped, with or without sprinkles).


There are also sweet crêpes and freshly baked waffles that come with a choice of toppings, frozen yoghurts, sundaes, smoothies, milkshakes, juices and a range of coffees and teas. It surprised me to see a selection of savoury crêpes and salads on the menu as well, so you can even get a light lunch if you want. Whatever you go for, it can be taken away or eaten inside; there are quite a few tables to sit at, plus a unisex toilet at the back.

Prices at Bella del Gelato are as expected for this part of London, but I do think as a special treat the ice cream is high quality enough to be worth it: one scoop is £2.40 and two scoops are £4. The long queues out the door during the summer holidays are proof enough that the locals approve of East Sheen’s new little taste of Italy. I think it has become a popular choice for families because it’s somewhere a bit different to go amid the numerous coffee shops and cafés. Plus the kids love it!

We’ve yet to try anything else on the menu besides ice cream, but sweet crêpes range from £4.90 to £6.90 depending on which topping you choose (Belgian chocolate and fresh strawberries sounds like a delicious option). Baked waffles cost from £4.10 (for rich cinnamon and sugar) up to £6.80 (for banana, walnuts and maple syrup). Savoury crêpes start at £5.90, which gets you cheese and fresh tomato, and go up to £8.90 for smoked salmon, spinach, brie and avocado, with a lot more choices in between. There are also four fresh salads (between £7.20 and £8.90), and juices, smoothies and milkshakes are all £4.90. There’s definitely something on the menu to suit all tastes.

Bella del Gelato is located at 343 Upper Richmond Road in the heart of East Sheen. If you’re ever in the area and fancy a sweet or savoury treat (or you have a child who craves a particularly crazy colour of ice cream), this is the place to be!

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