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Get Moving with Diddi Dance

Get Moving with Diddi Dance

Guest post by Anne-Marie Wilkins:

Does your toddler rarely want to sit still? Do they have what feels like endless energy? Feel like you’ve tried everything to tire them out? Why not try dancing?

Dancing even for the under 4s is not only a great way of keeping fit and active but it’s also GREAT FUN! If you find the right style that your toddler loves then they can learn key skills too. Dancing helps with co-ordination and gross motor skills as well as rhythm. Dance is also a great confidence builder and can help with social skills.

Dance is just for girls though right? Wrong, if your toddler is a boy you’ll know he wants to jump around to his favourite music just as much as his female friends. He may not want to be a ballerina or fairy but give him a toy guitar and he’s a rock and roll star! Plus boys need tiring out just as much, if not more than girls and what better way to do this than 45 minutes of jumping, turning, galloping, moving and shaking?

With obesity rates in under 4s at their highest right now exercise is so important to avoid this continuing into later life. Exercise should be enjoyed. In the first few years of every child’s life how they view exercise is instilled and their view will stay with them for life so teach them that it can be great fun. Dance is an ideal way of doing this. Put on music and let them do their own thing at home or find a funky session that teaches all the key elements in a professional and fun way.  You want to make sure the teacher is inspiring and full of energy to keep the children engaged. The session should be action packed and full of exciting props and catchy music so they cant resist getting up to join in.

To see if you have a funky dance class in your area why not look up diddi dance. The sessions are taught by experienced professionals following inspiring lesson plans that explore lots of different dance styles from hip hop to salsa and country to rock and roll.

If you don’t currently have classes locally,  don’t worry Diddi Dance is recruiting enthusiastic energetic franchisees across the country all the time so there will be a class near you very soon!

Classes is west London are held in Chelsea at Gambado on Thursdays at 10am.  Entry includes dance class and free play after.

Gambado is located at:  7 Station Ct Townsmead Road SW6 2PY | 020 7384 1635

For more information, please visit:  www.diddidance.com

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