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Notting Hill Guitar School

Notting Hill Guitar School

Do you have a mini Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix on your hands?  Does your child have an affinity for wearing black and watching re-runs of School of Rock?  Perhaps it’s time to harness that creativity and enroll your future rock star into the Notting Hill Guitar School.  The school is located on Portobello Road and teaches children from the age of seven as well as adults.  Studies show that music lessons for children have a range of positive benefits, such as: better self esteem, self expression, discipline as well as developing brain areas that focus on language and reasoning.  The school teaches both acoustic and electric (yes, there is a Rock School).  The teacher and founder of the school, Sebastian, has nearly ten years experience in schools, is fully CRB checked, has a degree in music performance (Bmus PMP), is a member of the Registry Of Guitar Tutors and is mentored by the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle.

Don’t feel left out parents! Have you dreamt of sitting around the camp fire playing Hotel California? That could become reality with the Fast Track Guitar Club which will get you strumming in no time.  Get those marshmallows ready!

WLM recently chatted with Sebastian:

How early can children start with the lessons?
Opinions differ as to how early children can start but from experience I would recommend from around 7 years old. There is no truth in the statement that “the earlier you start, the better” as there are many more factors involved in learning an instrument. These include the quality of the teacher, parental support, regular practice and the enthusiasm of the student.

Do they need to supply their own guitar?
Yes. Pupils will need a guitar to practice at home as this is vital for making progress. I can advise on suitable instruments as well as where to buy them.

Are the classes for kids one on one or group?
Both options are available. There are many well documented benefits for group lessons. The most suitable option can be found in the free Introductory Session that is offered.

How long are the lessons?
For children, half an hour. For adults, usually one hour.

Where is the school located?
The school is located on Portobello Road, near Westbourne Park Road.

How much do the lessons cost?
Prices are on application and depend upon which option is chosen.

For more information please visit or call:

www.guitarlessonsnottinghill.co.uk | 07905 394 725

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