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Yoga in London: Finding fitness at YogaHub in East Sheen

Yoga in London: Finding fitness at YogaHub in East Sheen

Yoga Hub

By Sue Lancaster

The opening of a new yoga studio in East Sheen last summer happened at exactly the right time for me. My youngest, Polly, had just turned two, which meant I had slightly more time to call my own and I was more determined than ever to find my long-lost pre-pregnancy body.

I started going to a beginners’ class at YogaHub called Flow Foundations and noticed the positive effects almost immediately. I had practiced yoga in the past, but not for a while, and the 60-minute sessions certainly worked me hard and pushed me to my limits. For anyone with preconceptions that yoga is not a proper workout, I can assure you that it most certainly is. I’ve been going regularly for almost a year now and I feel more toned, have better core strength, feel much fitter in myself and less tired.

yoga hub

According to YogaHub’s website, practising yoga regularly will also help heal and prevent sports injuries, improve digestion, relieve muscle pain and increase postural awareness. It can decrease depression, anxiety and stress, reduce insomnia and increase concentration and focus in life. The benefits really are incredible.

The studio at YogaHub has room for about 20 people on yoga mats—which are provided—and the classes are often full, so it’s best to book online in advance. The studio is heated—not to the extent of bikram yoga, but a warm 24 to 28 degrees. This is designed to minimise injury, aid flexibility and encourage the body to sweat out toxins. It’s recommended you arrive about 10 to 15 minutes early, so you’ve time to adjust your body to the temperature, and also that you bring a small towel and some water.

There are currently 13 teachers on YogaHub’s rota and the various classes on offer are:

Flow Foundations: A slow-paced beginners’ vinyasa sequence, which allows you to master basic poses.

Slow Flow: A gentle, slow practice, suitable for all ages and levels.

Vinyasa Flow: A dynamic and challenging vinyasa sequence that combines breath with movement—building strength, balance and flexibility.

Rocket Yoga: Taking its roots from ashtanga, rocket yoga is a challenging series of standing, balancing and inverted postures.

Restorative Candlelit Flow: A moderately paced restorative vinyasa sequence followed by restorative and grounding poses to calm your mind and body.

Yin: Perfect for runners, cyclists, regular sports players and anyone looking to improve flexibility.

Ante & Post Natal: These specialist classes help create a greater sense of calmness and awareness around your ever-changing body, allowing you to connect with your breath and baby.

Kids/Teen: Designed specifically for children, kids’ yoga incorporates games and journeys to imaginary lands and teaches children to learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way.

The schedule has around four to six classes every day at varying times from 6:30 in the morning through to the evening, so you’re bound to find a day and time that suits.


In terms of pricing, the cost per class goes down the more you sign up to, but if you want to try a one-off session it’s £15. There is also an intro offer of 30 days’ unlimited classes for £45, which enables you to try out as many sessions as possible and see what works best for you. If you think you will be attending regularly, it is worth taking advantage of their block booking deals: five classes are £70, ten classes are £120 or unlimited monthly use for £89. They sometimes have special offers on these prices too.

Other than the yoga studio, inside YogaHub there are toilets and two small changing rooms with showers, and coat hooks, shoe racks and some small lockers for storing phones, purses and wallets. In the reception area a range of yoga kit is for sale and you can also purchase cold drinks. They’ve recently added an outdoor seating area at the front so you can enjoy a refreshment before or after practice.

You will find YogaHub at 50 Sheen Lane. The nearest station is Mortlake and there are buses to and from Putney and Richmond on the nearby Upper Richmond Road. I’m so glad I decided to be brave and try out YogaHub; even though I think my pre-pregnancy body may well be lost forever, I’m definitely a lot closer to finding it now!

Read more on YogaHub’s website: www.yogahub.london.

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