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Extra week of summer camp and math Masterclass with Richer Education

Extra week of summer camp and math Masterclass with Richer Education


Due to high demand, Richer Education have added an additional week of Science Camp at the end of August. Plus, book now for the new Mathematics Masterclass and get a 25 percent early-bird discount.

Science and STEM Summer Camps

When: 29th August – 1st September | 9:00am – 3:30pm
Ages: 4 to 11 years
Where: Imperial College, South Kensington
Cost: £280

Topics include:

‘Zerious’ Zoology

This session will teach children about the wonderful world of zoology, or animal biology. Children will learn about and gain an appreciation of the anatomy of different animals and how they have features that make them adapted to their environment.

Weird and Wild Weather

Weird and wild weather will teach children about different weather phenomena, how they are caused and what can be done to reduce the effect of these on the environment.

Geoscience Galore

Geoscience is a broad area of science that encompasses geology, geography and earth science. Children will be introduced to what geo science entails and why this area of science is becoming increasingly important to humankind.

It’s all Nuclear!

Nuclear energy is a controversial topic as, despite producing no carbon dioxide emissions, it produces radioactive waste that takes millions of years to decompose. Children will learn about various areas relating to nuclear energy.

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Introducing: Mathematics Masterclass

When: 14th October 2017 | 10:30-1:30pm
Ages: Key Stage 3
Where: Imperial College, South Kensington
Cost: £80 save 25% and book before August 31st with code supermaster25 

In partnership with Enriching Minds, Richer Education is delighted to announce its inaugural masterclass for 2017-2018. The aim of our masterclasses is to continue motivating children to think beyond the school curriculum by featuring world-class speakers. Speakers present an overview of the topic and at the same time explore the application of the subject in the real world.

About the talks

‘Mathematical Magic’ talk by Zoe Griffiths
All magic is based on doing something that seems impossible, but can actually be done by following certain steps. Topics: reverse engineering a magic trick, counting-based card tricks, learning a maths card trick. This session will give students the chance to apply and develop their mathematical thinking skills to reverse-engineer magic tricks.

‘The Juggling Talk’ by Dr Collin Wright

Dr Wright’s talk explores space time theory, synchronous patterns, negative numbers, the Special Theory of Relativity, numerical sequencing and the relevance of mathematical modelling. Disguised as an entertaining description of juggling and the Site Swap notation, the presentation by Dr Colin Wright is really about science and mathematics, how they work, what they mean, and why they’re important. The talk has been given in locations as diverse as New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, Washington, Vancouver, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Ireland, The Isle of Man, China, Brunei, and all over mainland UK.

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