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This weekend the family and I popped into Daylesford cafe in Notting Hill for lunch.  This is my kind of place.  All the produce is organic with a focus on eating local.  Everything is sourced from their own farm in Gloucestershire, and if the farm doesn’t produce a certain product, then they source from artisan suppliers who follow the same strict code of ethics Daylesford does.  In addition to the cafe, there is also a grocery store where you can by gourmet organic products, wine, condiments and fruits and veg.

The space is beautiful – all various shades of white, with long tables which dining customers share.  On the lower level there is a great play area for children, featuring a huge blackboard and lots of wooden toys for the little ones to play with once they get bored.

Now onto the most important part – the food.  My hubby ordered broccoli soup and I ordered a Coronation chicken sandwich.  The food was delicious.  The only thing that the cafe lacked was a children’s menu, which was odd since they went through such an effort to create a great play space – why not cater to their culinary needs too?  Luckily our waiter was sympathetic to our plight and let us order a child’s size scrambled eggs, instead of the glamorous eggs and smoked salmon option on the menu.  During the time we were there, I saw about two families come in with children asking to see a kid’s menu only to leave since there were really no options.  Obviously there is a need for one as lots of families frequent the cafe, so perhaps it’s time to put something together?  This mum thinks so!

Notwithstanding the lack of children’s menu, I would still go back, but perhaps for an adult brunch instead.  The food was yummy and the vibe was relaxed.

Our local Daylesford is located at:
208-212 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London W11 2RH | 0207 313 8050

For more info please visit:


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