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Giraffe Restaurant

Giraffe Restaurant

Who can eat the leaves off the top of the trees?  You can at Giraffe and a lot more  too!  Especially before 7pm when they have a two course menu option for £8.45 as well as half price wine, beer and cocktail choices.

When I generally think of “family” restaurants, memories of plastic boring food and loud tacky venues come to mind.  I tend to avoid them at all costs.  The other day I finally ventured into my local Giraffe restaurant and was pleasantly surprised.  The decor was warm, modern with banquette seating – great for kiddies and most importantly lots of buggy room.  With an eclectic world menu, both the adult and kids menu are well stocked – from jambalaya to burgers there is something for everyone.  I opted for the soup starter, followed by spare ribs. Hubby had a burger and my daughter had the fish and chips. All yummy.

Even though most establishments welcome children, there are some that make the effort and go the extra mile for their smallest patrons.  The Giraffe chain of restaurants is one of them.  The staff were friendly and very skilled at maneuvering with plates while little ones ran around.  Impressive. The all important crayons and paper were handed out at once and at the end of our meal, our waitress brought out balloons just to top off the evening.  This is one chain I will be frequenting.

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