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Baby-Friendly Resturants in London: Caravan, Bankside

Baby-Friendly Resturants in London: Caravan, Bankside

Emily Lawler
Caravan Bankside

By Emily Lawler

Having small fries doesn’t mean every meal you eat out in the next ten years needs to take place in McDonald’s. Kids are welcome at more restaurants across London than you might think—the trick is knowing where to go. Over the next several weeks, I’ll share with you a group of decent restaurants that also happen to be baby-friendly rather than ‘family restaurants’ because, yes, you’re a parent now but you’re also still a person who likes nice things.

We’ll start our culinary tour in Southwark:


Baby Friendly at Caravan, Bankside

There’s a really interesting mix of influences going on in the cooking at Caravan. East Asian, Mediterranean and Spanish flavours all muck in together in a way that, on paper, made me a little nervous, but on the plate delighted. Take for instance my seasonal bellini with strawberry and balsamic—it bordered on savoury but complimented all the dishes in this very marvellous way.

The place itself is easy to eat in. Max mostly slept, but when awake was happy in his surroundings. Trendy, friendly waitstaff were delighted to have him and as I glanced around I saw several other little ones.

Caravan Bankside

What’s good? The stilton and peanut wantons, the jamon croquettes with saffron mayonnaise, the den miso pork ribeye and the lamb meatballs all pleased.

Kid friendly? Without question. There are three stairs to enter the restaurant though, so if you’re dining alone you’ll need help with your buggy.


✓baby change facilities
✓highchairs available
✓cool with breastfeeding
✓loads of other parents
✓space for buggies
✗children’s menu
✗toys/play area

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