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Business Profile: YHANGRY Private Chefs

Business Profile: YHANGRY Private Chefs


We can all add ‘short order cook’ to our CVs after months of prepping three meals a day and the endless snacks on demand for our families. We’re not complaining, but wouldn’t it be nice to have someone come in and cook for us one day? As we enter more uncertain times and the virus creeping up again around the city, perhaps the idea of trekking across town might not be that appealing. Instead, what if a private chef came to you, did the grocery shop, cooked the meal and left you to enjoy your evening with your six friends or family? We met with YHANGRY who do just that. All you have to do is choose your bubble.

Tell us about YHANGRY

YHANGRY was started about a year ago because co-founders Siddhi and Heinin felt they were missing great home cooked food in the comfort of their own home. Was there a way to simply hang out at home with friends, without cooking for yourself or ordering a takeaway?

The duo came up with YHANGRY — a private chef service currently operating in London (and select parts of Greater London). They are on a mission to make it easy to spend time with friends at home and enjoy great food.

What type of cuisine options do you offer? 

YHANGRY offers a range of different cuisines and types of meals such as brunch, dinner, Sunday roast, party food. Our cuisines include – Japanese, Mexican, Indian, Asian, European, Italian, and Carribean to name a few.

Does the service include groceries and clean up?

The cost includes groceries, and the chef cleans up the kitchen before leaving. It doesn’t include full table service and clear up between and after the meal. If you are interested in this, we offer this as an add-on.

What is the average price for a dinner party of six?

You can book a dinner starting £100, however we find the average price for groups of 6 to be somewhere between £150-200. We find that people usually love ordering a lot of food, because leftovers for lunch/dinner for the next day are always amazing to have!

How many people can you cater for?

We can usually cater for up to 40 people in your home, but currently in line with COVID rules it’s for 6 people.

What kind of events do people use this for?

We’ve catered everything from a ‘girls night in’, brunches to birthday parties. We see people using us for special occasions, however a majority of the customers book us for a casual night in with their friends, especially during current conditions.

What measures are you taking to be Covid-19 compliant?

Our chefs carry PPE with them. We additionally ask you to kindly keep the kitchen clear as much as you can, to help our chefs to maintain an adequate distance. Lastly, we work with professional chefs, which are all trained in hygiene and food safety.

Do you provide other services also?

YHANGRY also offers batch cooking at home and virtual private cooking classes taught by their chefs.

Find our more here: yhangry.com

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