Embrace Your Body: Film screening and discussion at Watermans

By Rhiane Kirkby

Did you start the New Year as you did the last one and probably the one before that—with a sense of self-loathing, regretting the calories consumed over Christmas and vowing to give your body an overhaul in 2018?

Well, Watermans in Brentford may have something that interests you. It’s not another diet club or the latest workout fad—far from it—but it could be the long-term ‘fix’ you’ve been looking for.

how can a four-year-old have any concept of what fat is? It scares me to think what kind of society we’re building for our kids

The cinema is holding a special event on Wednesday 17 January: a screening of the film Embrace, followed by a panel discussion. It’s the brainchild of Caroline Lamont, who runs the health coaching practice Great In, Great Out.

“I loved Embrace when I saw it,” says Caroline, “it made me reflect on my role as a mother and as a health coach. My four-year-old daughter said to me the other day that she was fat. I was horrified. She’s not, but how can a four-year-old have any concept of what fat is? It scares me to think what kind of society we’re building for our kids.”

Embrace reflects on the global epidemic that is body-hating, which affects alarming numbers of people of all shapes and sizes. It tells the story of Taryn Brumfitt’s journey from body loather to body lover and follows her on her international crusade to change the way we think and feel about our bodies.

“The film has a message of hope,” explains Caroline. “It proves there are some amazing people out there fighting this battle, and having seen it, I feel optimistic. I believe mothers will help change society and the way women in particular feel about themselves.”

Happiness coach Olivia Horne, founder of Finding Mama’s Happy Place, agrees. “I was immediately moved by the power of the message. It’s clear that the underlying problem across all these diverse body image issues is one of low self-worth, a feeling of not being enough. The event is a small piece of a growing jigsaw of awareness around how we can love and care for ourselves better—physically and emotionally, inside and out.”

Olivia is chairing a discussion after the film and joining her will be physiotherapist and pilates instructor Kim Saha; Amanda Kerr, a hypnotherapist; and nutritionist Le’Nise Brothers. Audience members will be invited to put questions to this very talented group of health and wellbeing professionals.

“It will be emotional, reflective, inspirational and instructive,” says Caroline. “The film has some heart-warming, funny moments and some emotionally teary ones too.”

It may not be your typical girls’ night out, but it may be just what you need to help you ditch the bathroom scales for good and learn to love your body just that little bit more.

The event runs from 7:30 to 10:30pm on the 17th of January at Watermans, 40 High St, Brentford TW8 0DS. Tickets are £15, with all profits being donated to charity, and can be booked here.