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Top 5 Back to School Slimming Strategies

Top 5 Back to School Slimming Strategies

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by Jamie Lloyd

The schedule-free summer holiday is over, the kids are back in school. Now’s a great time to make a plan and shed those extra pounds. Here are my top tips:

1. Eat Clean 85-90%
“Clean” means meals are focused around protein and produce, adding in healthy fats like coconut oil, flaxseed and olive oil as needed. If grains/starchy carbs are a part of your plan, be sure they are whole, not processed, as well as gluten-free and eaten during the first half of the day or in the meal following a strength workout.

2. Planned Indulgences 10-15%
In the fitness world, these are also called “cheat” meals, but a lot of the mums I train decided you should not associate a negative feeling with eating a food that does not support fat loss—as long as it’s planned for and you get back on track after enjoying your indulgence.

3. Complete 3 Strength Workouts a Week
Strength workouts are the only type of workout that reshapes your body and boosts your metabolism so you burn more calories 24/7. In essence, by making strength the priority, you teach your body to work for you. This is as opposed to always working your body with cardio in an attempt to burn more and more calories, or falling for the spot reduction myth—believing that isolated exercises will magically burn fat in just that one area.


4. Eat More Produce
Yes, this goes right along with the Clean Eating strategies, but it deserves a bit more explanation in order to see and feel the best results. Strive to eat at least eight servings a day. Make it easier by having two servings with every meal you eat. Ideally balance it out: aim to make your total produce intake half fruits and half veggies.

Flat Tummy Tip: Do this and you will notice how much flatter your tummy is just seven days in: start your day with a Green Smoothie! My favourite this summer has been romaine lettuce, fresh grated ginger and frozen raspberries.

5. P-L-A-N
None of this is possible if you do not first plan it out. Take five minutes and jot down a plan for the next three days. It’s as simple as that when you are just getting started. Consider how many times you have tried to just wing it—how did that go? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Chunking it out three days at a time gives you a chance to string together weeks of successful days; before you know it you are looking at one amazing, healthy body staring back at you in the mirror. Go, now, and make that plan!

Fitness writer and health and fitness coach Jamie Lloyd is co-author of the bestselling book Total Bodybreakthroughs and a regular contributor to Womens’ Fitness Magazine. He is the director of Buggybells, the ultimate fitness club for mums who don’t want to leave their little ones but still want to exercise outdoors. To book Jamie for personal training, group fitness training or nutrition coaching, contact buggybells@gmail.com.

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