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Teenagers and their teeth: what you need to know

Teenagers and their teeth: what you need to know

Happy Kids Dental

With pressure on teens from all sides demanding they look a certain way, it’s comforting to know that their smile is one aspect that parents can take control of.

As Instagram pushes unrealistic ideals like never before, it won’t long before your teenager starts asking for #charcoaltoothpaste, or when they can have veneers. But don’t panic. With a little education from the right dentist, you can ensure your child smiles confidently (and safely) throughout their teens. And with the paediatric and orthodontic specialists at Happy Kids Dental in Marylebone, navigating the tricky teen territory just got that bit easier.


Shaping smiles

Happy Kids Dental’s consultant and specialist orthodontists offer a completely bespoke service for every child, from teeth straightening using advanced, lightweight and photo-friendly materials (including Invisalign Teen®) to minimally invasive correction of gummy smiles. What’s more, the team is specially trained to help your child embrace the solution that’s right for them, offering both emotional and practical support.

Whitening smiles

Let’s be clear: teeth bleaching is illegal for under-18s – but with AirFlow, your teen can have the next best thing. Powerful yet gentle, AirFlow buffs away stains and plaque, leaving teeth shiny-white. It’s ideal for regular cleaning, especially during orthodontic treatment – so when the braces come off, that smile is photo-ready. And don’t be swayed by Instagram’s obsession with charcoal – instead, let Happy Kids Dental’s hygiene team provide tailored advice and products that are proven to keep teeth brighter and healthier, and prevent long-term problems.

Restoring smiles

Chips, cracks and small gaps might dent their confidence – but it doesn’t mean they need to put up with them until they’re old enough for a set of veneers! Happy Kids Dental’s highly experienced restoration dentist can offer the most minimally invasive solutions, such as bonding, to restore your child’s smile and boost their self-esteem.

Comprehensive family care

Happy Kids Dental extends its specialist services to adults too, offering a full smile design service  that embraces the latest technologies – including ‘invisible’ brace systems, gum sculpting, advanced restorations and of course professional teeth whitening. They’re especially well set up to help nervous patients, offering inhalation and IV sedation, and behaviour management techniques. Aimed at keeping the whole family in great oral health, their approach is all about instilling confidence – and who wouldn’t want that for their teenager?

If you’d like your child to be seen by the specialist team at Happy Kids Dental, call the practice on 020 7078 0822 or visit www.happykidsdental.co.uk.

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