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Maggie & Rose Nursery Open Day

Maggie & Rose Nursery Open Day

Maggie & Rose

discover the nurseries at Maggie & Rose 

Looking for your nursery spot, the perfect home-away-from-home for your child? Join us for our Maggie & Rose  Open Day at our Chiswick and Kensington Clubs on the 16th and 17th of January. Discover the space, meet the team and take a closer look at our unique teaching method.

About the Nursery

From the moment little ones are dropped-off, it’s easy to see that Maggie & Rose do things in an awesomely different way! Our very special teachers and gurus create magical environments by decorating our clubs and studios so mini-members are inspired and feel at home. Our emphasis on super-cool design is family-friendly and much loved by both grown-ups and kids. We used natural materials, muted colours (so as not to overstimulate little ones), no plastic in sight and there’s limited technology around—it’s all about getting creative instead.

Our Kensington Nursery has a ‘townhouse’ feel with a walled garden, where children can get down to some serious playtime—whatever the weather.

In the Chiswick Nursery, little ones learn in a cosy ‘village’ environment and play in our creative spaces and on our awesome rooftop!

Maggie & Rose


The Nursery programme inspires children to learn through play. Our team encourages little ones, and creates experiences that lead to learning all the developmental milestones. The aim is to have as much fun as possible and create memories that last a lifetime.

We don’t believe children should be in institutionalised learning environments at such a young age, so we don’t have classrooms. Instead we have a village green, treehouses, wonky buses and studio spaces to utilise for activities.

Our timetable inspires kids to develop at their own pace, to reach their early learning goals and be ready for school. With ten years of tried and tested innovation our classes are much loved by our families.

To find out more about our Classes and Nurseries, please visit www.maggieandrose.com and to  register to attend our open day:  www.eventbrite.co.uk

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