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Made by Mum: Scooterearz

Made by Mum: Scooterearz


Anything that makes the day to day a little easier is great in my book.  The scene is all too familiar…it’s cold outside, you need to get the kids to school and can’t find their gloves for them to use while scootering—just like socks it’s funny how they have a tendency to separate from one another…

Say ‘hello’ to Scooterearz…

Scooterearz is a brand new product that attaches to the handlebars your child’s scooter keeping their hands warm and dry.  The gloves are made with a water resistant outer shell and lined in a choice of four fun fur colours.  Now you can spend less time looking for lost gloves and more time getting to your destination at a leisurely pace. 

Created by two mums—Elisa Everitt and Vickie Bryars, who between them have seven children ages 2-9; their determination to scoot to school instead of drive led them to create Scooterearz.  What had started out as a homemade solution to the ‘lost glove problem’, flourished into a product for the masses after local mums in the playground started to notice them.  The product just launched in the last couple and is selling fast.

Retails for £12.99.

For more information on Scooterearz, please visit:

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