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London’s Top Portrait Photographers 2015: Nominees 4-6

London’s Top Portrait Photographers 2015: Nominees 4-6


Last week we introduced you to the first of our 12 nominees for WLM’s Top London Portrait Photographer Competition. Today, the next three finalists tell us a bit about themselves and their photography styles:

Emma Bullivant, BabyFace Photography

Hi, I’m Emma, the photographer (and squeaker) at BabyFace Photography and I take portraits of Tiny Humans—portraits that are as unique and individual as they are! My photography sessions create memories, freezing moments, giggles, funny faces and the sometimes lovely tantrums in time.


I offer studio-style portraits and what I call Family-Style photography, using both natural and studio lighting depending on the occasion. I’ve been a professional photographer for six years, capturing grown-ups until I realised the joy it was to capture babyfaces.

Everyone having fun is the secret to beautiful photography; the energy behind the smiles is what I capture.




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Kristina Uffe

My family has taught me that life with children can be weird, wonderful and wild (not to mention sticky, why is everything so sticky?!). My goal as a photographer is to capture the joy and beauty that exists within the whirlwind of family life. I promise, it’s there!


I shoot predominantly in natural light in the family home, where everyone can be themselves. When nature refuses to cooperate I have many tricks (and bits of equipment) up my sleeve to ensure beautiful images. I also provide guidance on how best to display your images so they’ll be seen, not hidden away on a hard drive.






Claire Lacey

I specialise in creating beautiful, natural photographs that document the characters of families and their daily lives, at a moment in time. A session may include pictures of the nursery, their favourite little shoes, snuggling up as a family, messy meal times and playing together, both in their homes and at their favourite local places such as a park.

Claire Lacey Photography-1-4

Every shoot is tailored to each family’s needs. I always meet with clients beforehand to create an ‘ideas board’ to plan their session, discuss their interests and ensure they feel comfortable on the day.

Claire Lacey Photography-1-2


I love capturing those spontaneous moments such as chasing a duck or the first attempts to sit up. I have even been privileged to photograph a little one taking their first steps.


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