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Business Profile: Tiny Human

Business Profile: Tiny Human

Today in our local business profile, we meet Virginia from Tiny Human, a London based portrait photographer specialising in family portraits. Her style is natural and candid—capturing those precious moments to cherish for years to come. Find out more about Tiny Human and what you can expect from a session with her.

Tell us about yourself

As a North-West London designer-turned-writer-turned-mother and photographer, I’m forever on a creative quest…Currently happiest capturing the beautiful, sweet, funny and wild glory of life with a tiny human.

What inspired you to get into photography?

I want to remember everything! All the special, and even the seemingly mundane, moments of life are so fleeting – so I love documenting all the memories of life to reminicse about – for me, sitting down with all my photo books and a cup of tea is bliss. Family photography was something that had never really reached my radar until motherhood, but as soon as my magical little dreamboat was born, I found myself compelled to capture every moment, the preciousness of it all. And I’m so glad I did – and still do. They just grow up so fast!


What’s your  photography style – studio/natural light?

Natural light is my thing, indoors, outdoors, it just gives such a wonderful, organic feeling to the pictures. And I love in-home sessions – they’re my most popular type of shoot – where everyone’s in their element, all cosy and comfy. There’s just something about creating memories in the home where your tiny humans are growing up. But when a family prefers the park, I have some very pretty spots up my sleeve too. Both are epic settings in their own way, it just depends what vibe resonates. And actually, sometimes families want it all and they book both!

What can people expect from a session with you?

Every one of my Tiny Human sessions is different, because every family is different. I want to capture their uniqueness, their individual connections – if it’s a shoot with a tiny baby, things will be relatively low-key, but if there are toddlers involved I like to pick up the energy and have some fun! The snuggles, the jumping, the swinging in the air, the spiderman impersonations – I like to move through all the moods. Whatever the age or dynamic though, I’m always child led – if they’re happy, we’re all happy.


What advice would you give to clients before a session?

Wear something you love, but make sure you feel like you and are comfortable. Relax! Don’t worry about the kids being well behaved – embrace the chaos (seriously, it makes for great shots). We’re about to create the family photos that you’ll treasure forever… And we’re going to have a lovely time together doing it.

Find out more at: www.TinyHuman.Photo or on Instagram at @tinyhumnanphoto

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