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London’s Top Mummy Blogger Nominees: 6-11

London’s Top Mummy Blogger Nominees: 6-11



We recently asked our readers to vote for their favourite London Mummy Bloggers – this group of women share the highs and lows of Motherhood and invite us into their new found roles – even if it is a friendship over the warm glow of the computer screen – never underestimate the power of a comment, a tweet or a virtual hug.

Topics of blogs vary from personal testimonials to craft projects…but one theme remains constant – raising a child in London and the wonders the city has to offer.  View the first five nominees here.

The second group of nominees are 6-11:




TheMiniPost offers a curated vision for Mothers and kids. Inspirational fashion, interiors, design and a love of street art set us apart. We don’t talk about nipple creams or swap baking tips, and are not sponsored, pimped, or in cahoots with any brands, which means we can tell it like it is. We have been credited with “bringing together the influential and the interesting” at our exclusive ‘get togethers’.  I work full time, so TheMiniPost fits around everything else as…

Check her out at: theminipost.tumblr.com









Motherhood presented me with something I wanted to write about for the first time since I was a hapless but ambitious English graduate rocking up in London… and it felt good. There are a ton of tips people offer upon you when you’re expecting and ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ is the one that seems to irk people. This blog? It’s a bit of what I think about when the baby sleeps.


Check her out at: whenthebabysleeps.tumblr.com











I started my blog as I a way to document my projects and as an incentive to finish stuff – as I’m really good at starting things but not so great at finishing… Somewhere along the way I got a bit side-tracked (that tends to happen to me) and instead of my blog being a testament to my grand projects it became an extension of the my obsession with documentation. So, occasionally I might blog about something I made, but mostly you’ll find musings on motherhood and photos of family life in London with a hefty dose of house renovations and photos of my home, plus the occasional house-snooping post when I convince my more stylish/artistic friends to let me photograph their homes.
It’s a work in progress and who knows where it will go next…

Check her out at: www.somethingimade.co.uk






A BABY ON BOARD by Gillian

I was thrilled when I found out I was expecting my daughter so wanted to set up a blog to record my pregnancy. I work in digital PR and have blogged on and off for years so it seemed like the natural step. So A Baby on Board was born. Nearly two years on I now write about my life in London as a new mum – covering everything around bringing up a toddler in the city. My blog is named after the ‘baby on board’ badges given to pregnant people on the tube; I wanted the name to represent both London and the motherhood ‘journey’ (although I never wore one of the badges myself!).

Check her out at: www.ababyonboard.com












Katy is mama to two girls who don’t sleep very much, as well as being a freelance writer and an award-winning blogger. She is passionate about supporting small businesses, a lover of home cooked, local, seasonal and organic food and is addicted to Green Juice and her iPhone.

Check her out at: www.modernmummy.co.uk



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