London’s Top Mummy Blogger Nominees: 15 – 20



We recently asked our readers to vote for their favourite London Mummy Bloggers – this group of women share the highs and lows of Motherhood and invite us into their new found roles – even if it is a friendship over the warm glow of the computer screen – never underestimate the power of a comment, a tweet or a virtual hug.

Topics of blogs vary from personal testimonials to craft projects…but one theme remains constant – raising a child in London and the wonders the city has to offer.  View the other nominees here, here and here.




Lashes and Little Ones by Alex

Alex is a twenty something mum to two cheeky monkeys, Ophelia, who is two and a half, and Arthur, nearly one. In between potty training and weaning, she writes her blog, Lashes and Little Ones, all about beauty, lifestyle and fashion and juggling them with motherhood. Funny, honest and sometimes useful, this blog captures all sides of being a modern mum, raising a family and trying to look good in the process!

Check her out at: lashesandlittleones.blogspot.co.uk





Crumbs Food by Lucy and Claire

Less bloggers and more YouTubers these day, Lucy and Claire have been writing Crumbsfood.co.uk for three years and filming recipes for YouTube for 6 months. The sisters live in opposite sides of London – Lucy in Chiswick, and Claire in Herne Hill. The most popular recipe on both blog and YouTube is five minute chocolate cake in a cup. They think that tells you all you need to know about their readers and viewers.

Check them out at: crumbsfeedyourfamily.blogspot.co.uk



Family Affairs and Other Matters by Lucy

Lucy started her blog five years ago when friends and family all encouraged her to write about a painful divorce she was going through. At first it was written anonymously, but then Disney came knocking.  After an invitation to attend the first UK blog press trip for them, Lucy embraced her new life.  She also writes about about parenting, travel and lifestyle as well as divorce (but in less of a personal way since her ex husband found out about it!).

Still managing a busy life as a single parent with three children, two cats, a part time job as a Social Media Director and another part time job as a Pilates teacher but loving every minute….(well, almost every minute).

Check her out at: familyaffairsandothermatters.com




All Things IC by Rachel

Rachel Miller is an internal communication and social media strategist. She runs her own consultancy, All Things IC, and is mum to one-year-old Daisy. “I started my blog to share ideas and content that I found useful with my network. It’s been a joy to see the readership grow and most importantly, hearing people telling me the value it has brought to them personally and professionally in helping them to develop themselves.”

She also volunteers with the Ealing NCT as social media advisor and web editor and helped establish the online community for the branch, connecting parents with advice and guidance at every stage of their journey.

Check her out at: allthingsic.com





Chiswick Mum by Jules

Jules created the blog in 2012 to show that even if you have a full time job you can still live and love parenting, life and your community 150%.   In other identities she has been a magazine editor, stand up comedian, guest panelist, unemployed freelancer, round the world traveller, hitchhiker and bibliophile.  Now Chiswick Mum’s blog is a space where she can be herself  and share her passion for Chiswick and being a mum…

Check her out at: chiswickmum.com