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Get moving at The Little Gym

Get moving at The Little Gym


At The Little Gym, we take a non-competitive, progressive approach to motor-skill development. Children aged 10 months to 12 years learn at an age-appropriate pace, building upon past achievements as they advance week-to-week and semester-to-semester.

Our Philosophy of Three-Dimensional Learning at The Little Gym of Westfield:

Our environment is fun, but our purpose is serious. That’s why we embrace a proprietary philosophy called Three-Dimensional Learning, in which physical activity is a conduit for nurturing your whole child. The Three-Dimensional Learning approach to skill development means that every class we offer fosters growth in three holistic dimensions—Brain Boost, Get Moving and Life-skills.

Brain Boost: Nurturing listening skills, concentration and decision-making that benefits your child well beyond the gym.

Get Moving: Developing flexibility, strength, balance and coordination through varied physical activities.

Life-skills: Promoting sharing, teamwork, cooperation and leadership through spending time with friends and peers.


Parent-child classes (ages 10 months to 3 years)
It’s never too early for your little one to start learning and have some Serious Fun. From infant to toddler, our Parent and Child classes promote early development and provide a strong foundation for your child’s critical first three years. And since you’re along for the ride, you’ll be right there to celebrate every discovery with smiles, hugs and giggles.

Infant/Toddler (10 to 19 months)
By this age, most children are moving—walking or soon to be. Whether “vertical” or “horizontal”, children now have the ability to explore their environment and, in the process, can learn to solve problems, take risks and establish a sense of independence. They are also beginning to speak, enjoy being around other children and can start following simple directions. Their increased dexterity, strength and more proportionate bodies allow them to learn and perform more advanced physical skills.

Beasts/Super Beasts:
Toddler (19 months to 3 years)
Children in this age group are on the move—quicker, stronger and faster. They’re ready to learn more complex movements in the “vertical world”: introductory sports skills, locomotor skills with perceptual challenges, jumping off raised platforms onto their feet, creative movement challenges and beginning tumbling skills. These toddlers also begin to develop a greater understanding of “self ” and experience feelings of pride, confidence, embarrassment and independence. They are also becoming great users of language, speaking and understanding more clearly. With their newfound sense of independence, they are more interested in following directions and doing things by themselves.

Preschool Gymnastics (3 to 6 years)
Watch your child go from cartwheels to confidence with lots of giggles along the way. Our Gymnastics program for preschoolers has been specially designed to help your child channel their boundless energy and reach developmental milestones in a structured environment.

Take the first step and enrol your child today—and see how one success leads to another.

Contact info:
The Little Gym® Westfield
Westfield Shopping Centre, Ariel Way
W12 7GE London

Tel: 0208 735 0817

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