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Eat: Nardulli’s Gelateria, Clapham

Eat: Nardulli’s Gelateria, Clapham

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A visit to Clapham usually involves running around on the common—there’s plenty of space for bikes, scooters and dogs—and a wonderful big sand pit at the playground on Windmill Drive. Or perhaps it’s the paddling pool on the Pavement that you’ve been visiting this time? In which case you’ll have seen a number of people with ice cream cones on the other side of the road.

They’ve come from Nardulli’s and after an energetic visit to the common, an ice cream at Nardulli’s will surely hit the spot. The authentic gelato is served in a variety of flavours—not just chocolate, vanilla and strawberry—and will tempt any age group. The friendly staff are patient while you debate the best choice: will it be fig, or white chocolate, or tiramisu?

For those with food allergies, there are sorbets in a selection of fruit flavours, and tea—again in a selection of flavours—or coffee, if you’re gasping for a hot drink.

As a parent the experience is satisfying too; the portions are generous and you’re made to feel like your choice is important. The children are treated with kindness and amusement, something rather rare in a busy café environment, and it’s this relaxed hospitality that will bring you back time and again. It’s only ice cream, but a trip to Nardulli’s will make your day.

Nardulli’s is at 29 The Pavement, SW4 0JE; for opening hours and other info, see Nardulli’s website.

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