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Hot Chocolate Emporium Review: Knoops

Hot Chocolate Emporium Review: Knoops

Hot chocolate weather is upon us and luckily in London there are some amazing places to procure gorgeous hot chocolate to warm you on an autumn or winter’s day. Knoops hot chocolate cafe and shop opened in Clapham earlier this year and their second London emporium will open at the end of October on Kensington High Street. Our writer Jen had the tough task of visiting the Clapham branch…


By Jennifer Barton

Knoops (pronounced “kuh-noops”), has been delighting the dwellers of Rye, in East Sussex, for the past seven years with its incredible, Willy Wonka-esque selection of hot chocolates and milkshakes.

Founded by German-born Jens Knoop, Knoops is all about the art of chocolate – in drink form.

At the new Clapham Junction outpost, you’ll find 21 flavours of hot chocolate for every palate, from 28% (deliciously sweet and moreish white chocolate) all the way through to 100% cocoa, a combination of single origin and blends. All of the cocoa is sourced sustainably, and a range of milk alternatives are available.

Ordering is easy – just choose a chocolate percentage that suits your taste. If you’re vegan, choose a cocoa that’s 54% or higher (there are 13 vegan options on offer).

In addition, there are six options of milkshakes (or chocolate milks), which also come in selection of white, milk and dark – the white chocolate ones are made with whole chocolate buttons.

For adults in need of a coffee fix, you can choose from straight coffee (espresso, cappuccino, etc.) or go for one of two mocha options – one is spiced with cinnamon for a memorable flavor. In fact, you can add herbs, fruit or spices to any drink (think orange zest, chili, cardamom and sea salt), which will be crafted to your exact specifications by a team of “Knoopologists.”

For those who need a cake with their sweet drink, you’ll find everything from cannolis to fruit-tinged biscuits to sour cherry and chocolate muesli bars, as well as a selection of hot chocolates (including rose), made from chocolate flakes, to purchase for presents, for yourself and others.

The layout of the café is a minimalist’s dream – you’ll find a couple of tables you can stand around, as well as a few where you can sit down (when you sit in, your hot chocolate arrives in a huge white bowl).

Think of this destination as a new favourite treat for the schoolkids, more than a place to bring your NCT crew with their buggies in tow… however for a gastro experience regularly described by customers as “out of this world,” we’d wager it’s worth the squeeze.

Download the loyalty app to make the most of free extras and discounts.

Clapham Knoops
64 St. John’s Road
London SW11 1PS

Kensington Knoops (Opening projected for 23 October)
80 Kensington High Street
London W8 4SG

All photos from Knoops’ Instagram


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