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Eat: Angie’s Little Food Shop

Eat: Angie’s Little Food Shop

ANGIES Food Shop

by Jessica Jefferys

Angie’s Little Food Shop is the kind of café you’d like to keep to yourself so you could always be sure of a table in the light, stylish interior whenever you fancied popping in. But judging by how busy it was when I went for lunch last week, word has already got out: my friend and I got the last two spaces. Even the outdoor tables were full—funnily enough, of Wasps rugby players in full training kit, who were busy tucking into the fresh salads.

I’d been keen to try the salad-based lunch menu, having been recommended the interesting and healthy combinations on offer (changing daily, with prices ranging from £7 for salad only to £14 for a large salad and meat platter). But after the Wasps had had their fill, the trays were running empty. So instead I chose the sweetcorn fritters with avocado in place of maple bacon, and my friend opted for the grilled chicken supreme with new potatoes, spinach and sun blush tomatoes.


Both were delicious, freshly cooked and well-seasoned and portions were generous. The two dishes came from the all-day brunch menu, which is a great concept as the food on offer—from toasted sourdough sandwiches to eggs and smoked salmon—would be appetising from first opening (7:30am on weekdays) through to closing time (the latest is 7pm). I like the fact the menu is simple and uncluttered, meaning each dish can be lovingly crafted, and there’s also a great range of tempting homemade cakes. We tucked into the rocky road which was moist and delicious.

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The pared-down, Scandi-style interior provides a great backdrop for the colourful South African ceramics on display, which are all available to buy. Angie (Steele) herself is South African and has an impressive cheffing heritage, having trained under Gordon Ramsey and worked as a private chef for some A-list clients (rumours are that the Beckhams were amongst them). She came out at the end of our meal and asked how everything was; we were able to say truthfully that it was all delicious.

Angie’s Little Food Shop is not the cheapest option—even the takeaway salads start at around £6. But the prices aren’t a surprise based on its location on the lower High Road, and the food and ambience certainly justify the cost.

Located at 114 Chiswick High Road, Angie’s Little Food Shop is open weekdays from 7:30am to 7pm, Saturdays from 8:30am to 7pm, and on Sundays and bank holidays from 10am to 6pm. For more info, go to their website.



About the author:
Jessica is a new-ish mum living in and loving west London. She’s likely to be seen drinking coffee in Chiswick or on the Askew Road and most places in between. She lives with her husband and, as of March 2012, little girl ‘Scrip’ (not her real name, they’re not that cruel). Find her on newmumblings.com or @newmumblings or instagram: newmumblings


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