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Selling your home doesn’t have to be stressful

Selling your home doesn’t have to be stressful

By Alexandra Mathew, Property Guru for W8 &W14

I’m a fellow mum, and I get it—the thought of preparing your home for a sale, tidying for viewings, the process of sorting, packing, the sale and exchange process, and then the actual move, all with little ones in tow is enough to make you stay put in a not-so-ideal home. But Autumn is the perfect time for change, with cooler weather and a return back to routines, to jump into the idea of moving house.

The Emotions of Moving

It is hardly surprising that selling your home can be extremely emotional. It is a place where you have made many memories and been through ups and downs. You are not alone, as many people can relate to this somewhat overwhelming but crucially exciting period in your family’s life. Here are a few of my tips on how to handle various steps of the moving process.


As house viewings start to happen it is important to allow them to take place to ensure you stand a good chance of finding the right buyer for your home. It can become difficult when you are juggling schedules and you may need to be out of the house at a moment’s notice. It can be simple to overcome this:

– Arrange the best times with your Property Guru in advance

– Think about when you’d like to see a property as others, especially families, will be the same

– Be flexible, within reason

  • – Find fun reasons to leave the house; an early evening park play in pyjamas, an ice cream shop visit, a drop by at a friend’s home


Helping your family through the process

Getting the kids on board with your move can be a large obstacle, change is a big deal for children and it can be tricky for them to think positively. But tackle each with a positive spin:

– Leaving their first home behind – make the experience exciting by taking frequent visits to the new area and home

– Moving schools – remind them of the benefits; making new friends, new teachers, joining a new sports team

– Leaving their friends behind – arrange playdates and reassure them their friends will be welcome in their new home

Once the kids are on board, you will find it a lot easier to become less emotionally attached and even more excited about the new adventures to come. Happy kids, happy life!

The nitty gritty before putting your home on the market

There are some things you should do before putting your home on the market to get ahead of competition:

– Declutter – it will make all the difference in presenting your home well, and gets you started on the packing phase making that step less overwhelming

– Listen to your Property Guru about making various small improvements; you may think a nick in the wall or a bush not perfectly pruned isn’t a deal breaker, but an external expert can see things you can’t

– Instruct your solicitor early to minimise any delays when an offer has been agreed

– Be open with your Property Guru and discuss the level of offer you would be willing to accept, easing the process of negotiation further down the line.




Finding the right advice and guidance

With estate agent offices a regular feature on the high street, and an increasing number of online options, making the right choice to support you through the sale can be tricky. I always say, key is finding someone you personally trust. This person will be coming into your home and you’ll want to know they’ll lock up, turn the lights off and leave things just so. And, you want someone who truly listens. As a mum, you repeat yourself enough, so saying things once and having your Property Guru act upon this is key! Also, a property expert willing to speak outside of typical office hours is especially helpful, and sales offices with an online platform that provide access to feedback and status of viewings is a breath of fresh air, when the only time you and your partner have to think about the sale is midnight when you’re finally climbing in to bed.

How can YOUhome Property Gurus help?

– First and foremost we strive to understand the context within which you are selling and the emotions associated with that as this can change how we approach the sale.

– Next, we assign you a Property Guru, and that Guru remains your sole contact throughout the entire sales process ensuring you have a ‘right hand’ to guide you.

– You will get access to our 24/7 PlatformYOU which gives market analysis at a hyperlocal level that helps you understand what a good offer looks like on your home.

Moving is challenging, fact. But, it doesn’t have to be as tough as you think. We can’t take away all of the difficulties, however taking on board our tips can help to alleviate a lot of these and remind you of the exciting times ahead for you and your family. It may not seem like it now, but there is a life beyond packing boxes and talking to Property Gurus!

Find out more about YOUhome at www.youhome.co.uk

Get in touch with me at alex.mathew@youhome.co.uk

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