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The Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes Exhibition

The Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes Exhibition

art of the brick

By Marie-Claire McGlade

If you have a Lego fan or indeed a wannabe superhero, then a visit to the Lego DC Super Heroes exhibition The Art of the Brick is a must. A cavernous space on the South Bank has been packed full of incredibly detailed creations by the hugely talented Lego artist Nathan Sawaya. All the stars and villains featured in the iconic DC Heroes comics and films have been painstakingly recreated in those classic little bricks.

My six- and three-year-old boys were mesmerised. So much time and effort has gone into these amazing creations. Although some of the artist’s descriptions of his work may be a little abstract for younger visitors, all are sure to appreciate the skill and sheer numbers of bricks used in each sculpture.

Some of the real favourites were a life-size flying Superman and a hall of fame featuring all the main heroes. The undisputed star of the show, however, was the Batcave, with a life-size creation of the Dark Knight and a Batmobile made of almost half a million bricks!

A really nice touch at the end is several tables full of Lego and Duplo where younger visitors are invited to stay and try out their own construction skills. Why is other people’s Lego always far more exciting than the huge number of boxes of the stuff you have at home?

The exhibition is open daily and runs until 10 September 2017, and there are autism-friendly showings at 9am on the last Sunday of every month. Tickets cost from £10, and under 3s go free. Visit The Art of the Brick’s website for more info and to book.

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