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7 Days, 7 Jobs—National Declutter Week

7 Days, 7 Jobs—National Declutter Week

With National De-Clutter Week upon us I think we should all get in the spirit and try to do something every day.  It doesn’t need to be anything too dramatic.  In fact it’s the little things that make a big difference.

Your homework is simple. 7 days, 7 jobs. Each task shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.  We would love to see your before and after pictures for inspiration!  Please feel free to post them on our Facebook page.

Now go and get sorted!

Day 1 – Wednesdsay – Junk Drawers
Now, this is something we always put off but actually takes much less time than you think. Try pulling out one at a time, have a rubbish bag next to you and go for it.  Give yourself a time limit – complete each drawer in 15 minutes!

Day 2 – Thursday – Kitchen Cupboards/Pantry
Do you know how many cupboards I have de-cluttered only to find item after item that cannot even be used because they are out of date?  Give your cupboards a going over and you may discover a few unwelcome surprises! You may also routinely buy but don’t actually use.

Day 3 – Friday – Underwear Drawers
When I work on a wardrobe, no stone is left unturned and this means underwear drawers and socks too. Get rid of all things shoddy!

Socks with holes, underwear with broken elastic, bras that don’t fit or offer support anymore.  Feel good under the clothes and your confidence will increase.

Day 4 – Saturday – The jobs we hate!
Now, there are many jobs we all avoid and put off. So make a list of three or four and complete those today! Jobs like: vacuuming the mattress, moving the sofa and beds right out and cleaning behind them and under them.  This will encourage you to de-clutter anything you come across.

Day 5 – Sunday – Closets
This is one of my favourite jobs. It’s retail therapy without heading to the shops. You feel like you have a whole new wardrobe by the time you finish. The most satisfying words I hear throughout a wardrobe sort-out are “I forgot I had that” and I haven’t completed a wardrobe yet without hearing them!

Have a look at what you have and create your piles – keep, throw and charity. Maybe a little friends and family section wouldn’t hurt too but get those items out of your home asap!

Day 6 – Monday – Kid’s room
Kids grow fast. That means they grow out of clothes, toys and books too. Have a scan of the areas in their bedrooms and playrooms and get your two boxes at the ready. One for charity and one for saving if you are planning to have another baby. Only keep things that are worth saving.

Encourage the children to help with this process and talk to them about the importance of giving to charity and helping less advantaged children.

Day 7 – Tuesday – Nearly done!
Scan all rooms! There may be areas that you haven’t got to. It takes a long time to do a total house de-clutter and I don’t expect your home to be looking immaculate by any means. Remember a home that is organised doesn’t mean a home that is minimal looking.  It’s all our lovely possessions that make our homes individual and unique.

So finally, grab a bag and scan each room. Is there anything that you may have missed and you just don’t want in your space anymore? Walk around the room and remove those items.  Now give yourself a pat on the back.  Well done.

Vicky Silverthorn is an expert de-clutterer and founder of youneedavicky.com.  Please visit her website to see beautiful non-slip hangers which you can purchase online or follow her on twitter @youneedavicky.  Book a session today and get sorted!




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