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Vicky’s Tips—Clutter Free with Kids

Vicky’s Tips—Clutter Free with Kids

Clutter besets clutter. Add to the mix, toys, crafts, a busy schedule and you can see how easily it can take over a home. However, that doesn’t need to be the case.  We recently met with expert clutterbuster Vicky Silverthorn from youneedavicky.com who shared some simple tips to help keep kids’ clutter to a minimum.  All it takes are a few systems, a little planning and commitment to bring harmony back into your home:

  • To avoid buying too much clothing or having spare items that perhaps won’t get used why not buy in outfits? In addition when you are putting clothes away stack those outfits together. No wasting time finding what goes with what.  A more practical way perhaps than storing in categories.  Spare vests, pants that you will obviously need more of can go in a separate drawer.  This way you will be able to see what you have, how many you have  and what you may need etc?
  • Create a baby cupboard in your kitchen.  Clear a space so that all of those baby items will be easy to find and in one place. Keep the smaller items small storage containers.
  • Create a memory box and put somewhere that is easily accessible. Put your scans, wrist bands,  even first photographs straight in. Don’t fill it with items that you wouldn’t remember what they were there for.  This will be priceless to look back on and is a great way to keep anything special in one place.
  • Keep a ‘bundle’ in the rooms you use most. Put your nappy changing gear, dummy’s, muslins etc in little parcels. This saves you from running around the house looking when actually you need frequently used items to hand!
  • Have a de-clutter before baby arrives and make some space. If you can, get rid of those items you don’t and never will use. Every bit of space will be crucial and needed more and more as your baby grows.
  • Organise your own wardrobe before baby arrives. Is it just as important for you to be able to find your clothes and have items available to you that you will need. Be realistic about what you wear and what you don’t and have a cull!
  • If you start life as parents in an organised way with organised surroundings then it will help you to get your routines in place.
  • Remember organisation should be practical and basic. Not unrealistic. Don’t over organise!

Vicky Silverthorn is an expert de-clutterer and founder of youneedavicky.com.  As a celebrity PA for 10 years, Vicky knows the importance of an organized home.  Book a session today and get sorted!




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