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Top Portrait Photographer Winner: SANDI FORD

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West London Mum

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been asking you to vote for your favourite portrait photographer.  The results have finally come in and the 2012 winner is local photographer and mum Sandi Ford from Bumps, Babes and Beyond.  It has been a pleasure to showcase the talented group of individuals who capture our precious moments and we hope you’ve enjoyed the feature as much as we have.  Congratulations Sandi!

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Sandi has been interested in photography for about 10 years, after her husband bought her a little Panasonic for their travels.  “With all that free time on my hands, I very quickly outgrew it and while in the middle of nowhere in Chile, I decided to buy an SLR!  After hunting around looking for somewhere that sold decent camera equipment, I picked up a proper camera and a few second hand lenses and snapped to my hearts’ content!”  Many of those images have since been used in magazines and books and so her love of photography began.

She moved into portraiture and weddings in 2009, and after a few baby photography sessions was hooked! “It was so much fun and nothing beats that feeling of handing over beautiful family portraits that you know will be loved forever. I no longer photograph weddings – newborn, baby and family photography is all I do and I love it!  I love the fact that what I do MEANS something.  I meet fantastic families nearly every day and I feel like I am really making a positive contribution in their life, by either giving them a family portrait that will make them smile, or even just by taking a newborn for a few hours during a photography session while Mum gets a chance to put her feet up and have a cuppa!”

She uses both natural and studio light in her sessions, but prefers natural for it’s depth of fields.  She describes her style as ‘fun’.  “Babies are so innocent and beautiful, and children are so full of joy and life (and funny stories!)  it’s this that I aim to capture—while the classic poses and clean images definitely have their place, I think that the essence of most families is made up of happiness, fun, and love”.

To see more of Sandi’s work, please visit:



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  2. – Hi Sara,Great Study Hall. I use Aperture, not Lightroom. Am still amazed at how much I can do in Pages and have used Pixelmator some. I love Aperture’s labirry system and have been using the album design. Aperture 3 is great, just frustrating that some of my thumbnails are still strange and still crashing some even with the update.Looking forward to learning it better! Was at One to One today:-)

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