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The Wardrobe Consultant

The Wardrobe Consultant

There used to be a time when I enjoyed fashion – had fun with it in fact.  However, since having my daughter, I consider it a real accomplishment if I manage to leave the house without stains on my clothes and wearing matching socks. One of my resolutions this year is to start making more effort in my style.  I look around and there is a defining ‘Mum’ uniform – jeans, tunic-over the obligatory white t-shirt topped off with converse trainers.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…but that “look” as actually crept into my going out wardrobe…and that isn’t cool.

The only problem with my resolution, is the love I used to have for trawling the racks and the endless hours of me time, is now a distant memory.  Shopping is now a mission.  Buying the basics seems like a treat.  The result?  I tend to buy the same thing over and over again, because I know it works.  Sound familiar?

I’ve recently come across Eliisa Makin aka The Wardrobe Consultant.  Eliisa is a style consultant, personal shopper and freelance fashion editor who regularly contributes for The Observer, The Independent and Good Housekeeping Magazine.  Eliisa’s aim is to help define your style by deciding what colours suit you, what cuts work on your body and what key pieces to look out for.  She can also suggest shops that cater to your “look”.

I know what you’re thinking – only celebrities have stylists.  Actually, more ‘regular’ people are enlisting the help of fashion consultants.  Learn how to shop effectively, so your wardrobe isn’t bursting at the seams with unworn clothes as well as where to go so you’re not wasting the one thing we cherish – time.  It’s also great to have someone with a fresh set of eyes go over your wardrobe and provide inspiration and insight.

For the month of January, Eliisa is offering great discounts on her services:

Full Day Shop including pre-shop for £350
Half Day Shop including pre-shop £210
One hour blitz including pre-shop £105

For more information on The Wardrobe Consultant please visit:


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